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It does. Free. You’ll want a browser that is capable at translating. Chrome works fine.

right on, sounds vaguely familiar. You have good experience with them being a source for clean APKs?

yeahhhhh…new here and didnt realize the post date on the piece I was responding to. So, down with slur filter!! :) Oh well.

Agreed about mobilism and the native android app they put out is actually quite nice. Better than mobilism however is 4pda

Big +1 for 4pda but not actually true about the captcha being prohibitive for non Russian speakers. There is a check box when you sign up/login that says something like I can’t complete this and they email you a link that gets you right in

New to Lemmy and the decentralized realm in general but really appreciate the work you’ve done here and the community thats been cultivated. As a long time Reddit Mod I have to say while I’m pretty anti content filtering in general…bravo to the slur verboten list. It is as you say a net positive for reasonable minded non hateful people. As long as the code is open source I’m fully behind it.