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GNU Guix is so exciting as a project!

Go GNU Guix! ✊

I hoped my nickname would suggest triviality, mild irony, and a love for stupid puns… :/

Is Biden even free to decide to drop the charges? Does he even have that power?

Or would he always bend like a wimp under the pressure by the intelligence agencies, who clearly wanted Assange dead…?

The report “forgets” to mention that the UK is jailing one journalist and publisher: Julian Assange

free/libre software, or didn’t happen

Yeah, according to the Barbarians the World is gonna be a better place when all libraries have been burnt down…

NoisyLeaks! The Art of Exposing Secrets - 8-30 Oct. Berlin
EXPO/ FILMS/ [REDACTED]/ WORKSHOPS/ LAB/ P145, Invalidenstr. 145 - 10115 Berlin NoisyLeaks! is a moment combining an exhibition alongside a series of events which will take place from October 8th to October 30th, 2022. NoisyLeaks! aims **to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks and its influence on world-wide practices **- a space and moment to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/5e21c127-6fd5-433f-8888-feb193f58ec8.png) Featuring: !Mediengruppe Bitnik, AFK, Ai Weiwei, Chicks on Speed, Daniel Lismore, Daniel Richter, Davide Dormino, Hito Steyerl, Iodine Dynamics, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, Melissa E. Logan, RYBN, Sarah Lucas Schedule: https://noisyleaks.space/schedule

Sorry for the simplistic grid of analysis here:

DDG is a US company, and under the Patriot and FISA (and other) Acts, it makes it fair game for the US institutions to request access to any of its data regarding any of its user, without any sort of judicial process.

So in short if your concern is privacy (not even if you have any political activity that wouldnt be 100% aligned with the foreign policy of the US!) and are a NON-US person, then it’s better to avoid connecting to the servers of any US company. Is it easy to do? hell no! we’re probably talking about 90% of the web as of now… (think: AWS, Cloudflare, Google, etc.)

(+ i think DDG is hosted on AWS, and Amazon is a premium partner of US intelligence anyways…)

That’s the bread and butter of industrial scenarists: make the viewer emotionally involved with the characters… then split the elements of each aspect of the story of each character accross episodes, so one episode never resolves everything at once, just one or two elements, and keeps you going with some new one…

That way you use people’s emotion to keep them implicated, and not drop… That’s not how i like to chose what i want to get involved with. I want to be in control, i don’t like to be manipulated in general…

(also if they need these cheap tricks to keep me hooked, it means their series is probably not that great in the first place…)

after, once:

1/ I know it’s over and i can evaluate the time it takes 2/ it has been recommended enough by people i trust, and i checked that the whole is worth watching, not just the few first episodes being great then taking you to an emotional blackmail into watching the mediocre rest that is just milking you…

that way i dont let myself be emotionally manipulated by endless series of cliff-hangers engineered to make people hooked. my time and emotions are not that cheap.

In practice that’s very few series i watch, but ones that were recommended enough that i know i won’t be disappointed; The Wire, Breaking Bad and very very few other exceptions…

mutt in ssh…? but really if you want something “privacy-respecting” you may consider dropping android altogether. (hint: pinephone and other true-(GNU)-linux phones! yay!)

RC3 2021 - Nowhere - No where?
“Hey, what to do? No Chaos Communication Congress event? Nothing? Nowhere?” “Hold on. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. An online event at the end of the year. Now and here in 2021. The unbelievable remote Chaos Experience played from anywhere. It’s all up to you. Be a part of it. Just check in!”

Get your [free] ticket for RC3, the Remote Chaos Experience!
Like last year (because *reasons*), the yearly CCC congress will be replaced by an online experiment of some sort: online conferences and workshops AND a virtual low-tech pixelated world (looking like a 16bit JPRG from the 90s) where ppl can meet and interact via links, chat and jitsi. You probably have nothing better to do between Dec. 26th and Dec 30th anyways... :)