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    I’m not sure why people keep pushing that myth on C++. It’s been a decade we have smart pointers. There’s no memory management to be done ever.

    Using the old ‘new’ is like typing ‘unsafe’ in rust. Even arrays/vectors have safe accessor.

    Am I missing something?

  • They won’t go to jail, period. No company owners never go to jail, kinda ever. This phrase is out of proportion. At worse they would have a fine.

    Also still in the blog everything is words and very opaque like " We do this not only through technology and advocacy (Proton has contributed over $500,000 toward defending these values around the world)" : like where, what, when?

    “There was no legal possibility to resist or fight this particular request.” : I doubt very much unless Switzerland is a dictatorship in disguise.

    “Switzerland generally will not assist prosecutions from countries without fair justice systems.” : clearly not.

  • They list gitea but not forgejo. That’s not really advocating for FOSS. “all” (the ones I looked at) are startup products coined as open-source.

    I really don’t like this website and this list, to me this is replacing bad solutions by other bad solutions (I am sorry for the people that like firebase and co).

    I am sorry for the negativity but I really don’t enjoy this link and all it represents and all the people enjoying such content. I guess I/we should explicitly separate FOSS from open-source.

    I may be out of touch and should be educated on why/how this is good.