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I don’t really care about mediocre developers infightings. Bad dev chose to depend on 3rd party code because they are not good enough to code a left pad function. Bad ecosystem is being used by said mediocre devs…

I don’t need all of this to make my web application. If tomorrow npm is dead I can switch or even code an equivalent myself. I keep my dependencies at minimum and use tools and library such as npm as ways of doing things faster. Not doing things I don’t understand/can’t do myself.

If people dislike npm ways of doing they can easily code a better one. Actually several alternatives exist.

If you have security concerns you can had additional check such as inhouse code review of packages and save hash of said version. You could even share this knowledge with trusted partners in a common database.

We have other issues were laws (patent) or economic system (entrepreneurship) is a real barrier to better solutions. My point of view of this matter is that it is mainly a lack of skills and bad culture.

This seems to be clickbait as no distribution would properly work: https://social.treehouse.systems/@AsahiLinux/109931764533424795 .

I didn’t know this omglinux but the lack of source/explanation is worrying.

I tried and liked it a lot years ago. But the piping wasn’t asynchronous so you have to wait the full completion of the first command for the next.

I’m not sure about the current state but if that is fixed I would happily fully switch.

Wow, I genuinely hate every single choice this distribution makes. I’m not sure there is an audience for this distribution but I don’t mind having more choices.

It’s always refreshing to see new point of views. I would have love to hear the reasons behind this distribution.

I guess even here we will have people naive enough to think that Microsoft loves FOSS because it does some charity and not everyone inside the company thinks the same…

Google donation is just a green-washing-style move, same for Facebook, Apple, etc. The funny thing is I am reading here: “the truth” despite all of the above having been found guilty on multiple occasions by different justice system around the world of illegal data collection/usage.

Those big corporation are made of many teams with many people. Some are better then others but the system is bad by design. You can convince yourself that all is fine and this will ease a lot of things indeed, especially about money. But the problems are just going to get bigger. We shouldn’t assume Mozilla is going to get better. Most of entities goes worse with time as people only interested in their careers and money join them.

I’d rather get article with facts and showing real changes about the governance itself of such companies before starting so say that they are any good.

Yeah I tried that too, also “arch wiki” will not found anything. Unacceptable! It’s still young and the UX/UI is pretty cool. Maybe in a year or more.

We should have a better system than email.

  • email protocol is atrocious. This leads to few options for clients and nearly no library to work with. I’d like to setup a box with a limit for unread mails and a API to publicly show the current number of unread mail. That would enable me to put a box out there for anyone to contact me and have a feedback about the likelihood of an answer. This is nearly impossible right now.
  • email protocol was created before spamming became a thing. There is no mechanism to deal with that. Everything is ad-hoc/workaround. Any modern messaging systens have either a way to ask permission to send messages first or some report/block system. We could also have a trust system to score nodes of the network.

A better system is way overdue in my opinion.

What is the point of this? I only see a crypto project there. If you want to share file smb or equivalent will do the job.