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  • Believing in the existence of God and believing God is a being that deserves our worship are 2 different things.

    Also depends on which god and which denomination. If there are gods, it’s more likely than not that there are more than one. In Christianity, God makes a big deal of “not worshipping other gods before me” so I’m just saying. What’s considered a God anyway? Do extraterrestrial intelligent life with better technology than us count?

  • I always get screwed pretty hard with Debian drivers. Just the other day I updated my Debian server to Debian 12 and then it refused to allow my atheros 9k PCI wifi card to work unless I rebooted after a cold boot. After an entire afternoon, I got to where it wouldn’t work after a cold boot or after a reboot. I literally had to choose between buying a new wifi card or reinstalling Debian/a different distro.

    I used to only use Debian for non-laptops but from now on I don’t think I’ll install any new Debian installations on anything.

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    One time I got downvoted to oblivion and then followed and harassed for saying that employers shouldn’t be allowed to drug test for thc… In r/lsd of all places. I still don’t know what that was about. Did I accidently trigger the “everyone dogpile this guy” bot algorithm, maybe in a different comment? Do lsd users just think they’re better than everyone else just because past use of lsd can’t really be drug tested for? This happened like a year ago and I’m still dumbfounded.

  • Usually, I do the simplest thing: all the stuff goes on one big ext4 partition. I don’t make a separate partition for /home. I’ll make a swap partition if I can remember but I’ve forgotten to do that before and nothing bad happened. The bootloader goes on a fat32 /boot/efi on the same drive as whatever the Linux install is on. This way I can swap around the drive to different pcs if I have to or easily change/upgrade drives without having to reinstall all my stuff.

    This strategy works for dual booting Windows also. I’ll put the windows install all on its own separate drive so it won’t try to erase grub during a disk check or something. That happened one time. Also, by putting Windows and Linux on separate drives you can use the bios to boot between Windows or Linux if you mess up one of the bootloaders.