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An informative review. Spoiler - no they don’t do what they claim and even if they did it hasn’t been proven that it would matter.

Reading through some claims online impurities do account for a slight difference in sodium content. The thing that gets cited for major differences is volumetric comparisons. Sea salt and coarse rock salt usually have bigger chunks than table salt, so less fits in a spoon. Therefore every spoon of a coarse salt has substantially less sodium …and substantially less salt flavor when dissolved.

How? Are they saltier tasting with less actual salt (NaCl)? I know potassium chloride is sold as a salt replacer. What is the chemical makeup that makes ‘less sodium’ possible in natural salts? There are a lot of sea and rock salts in the world. Why are those two special?

I mix it up, but I absolutely guarantee that my last bite will be my favorite thing.

This is my favorite meme of the week… month…idk a long while. I will be sharing at work.

Point taken. It is part of the package you get and most people don’t know that. The ‘get X free with purchase’ thing is just a pet peave of mine. It is basically everywhere in advertising.

More like “Simplelogin is included with proton unlimited subscription.” It is hard for something to be free if you also have to pay to get it. Good marketing but not very honest.

Pull the battery then microwave the other part. Still metal and sparks though.

I get that you’re asking a real question, but having something unexplained is not evidence. It is a just a question.

Once you remove actual observable, repeatable data from the conversation anything is possible. Speculation can be fun for its own sake. It can also be productive if we try to find out if it is true.

Well, the correct scientific language would be that there is no evidence of it existing. Equally, I may have an invisible, silent, undetectable person following me at all times. There is no evidence to support that, but I can’t logically state that they aren’t there because you can’t prove a negative. Of course, in normal convesation we would just say that my undetectable friend doesn’t exist.

Yep, the lie detector trick - it isn’t a lie if you believe it. You ask the cat, “Did you do something you weren’t supposed to?” They respond, “Nope, but I did eat the sausage you left out like an idiot.”

There is also a lower step than a makerspace called a tool library. There is no space provided to work, but you can check out all kinds of tools. If folks are looking to start something in thier area but have limited space/money a tool library can be a move in that direction.

You’re right. I slowed it down and the rope never gets tight.

That’s interesting. I have a hodgepodge of plates and bowls. Some of them get insanely hot and some are fine. Maybe I will find cracks in the ones that get hot.

Maybe could’ve been funny if the cow didn’t have a rope around its neck causin it to fall during its flight response.

Thanks for the links. Where I grew up we used yellow birch twigs because they are a little minty. I didn’t realize it was a thing anywhere else.

Sticks can be bad for dogs because of mouth splinters and certain woods are hard enough to damage teeth. This product makes sense to me even if I would never buy it.

In my circle people share their papers freely with anyone who asks. You can probably call (yes call) any researcher and have them email you a paper. They wouldn’t care and they aren’t worried about getting sued. The problem is that widespread sharing isn’t done and laypeople don’t feel like it is appropriate to do that.