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  • I’m the same way but I bought one of those mini pcs that has a laptop cpu/gpu in it, installed ChimeraOS on it which essentially turned it into a steamdeck.

    I have that hooked up to my living room tv and it’s my main gaming device. It’s essentially a console. I never upgrade anything. It runs what I play at 1080p with med or high settings.

    Suits me just fine. I mainly just want to sit on my couch and game on the TV instead of being at a desk like I did years ago.

  • Like others have mentioned, I am in the same boat of having multiple communities to follow with the same name but on different instances and I forget about others or (more likely) don’t even know that others exist.

    It does bug me that I can’t group communities that exist on different instances together. It would be nice to be able to subscribe to a collection of communities that I can give a label to.

    A way to group all patientgamers communities together would be a huge help.

    It’s just the way the whole federation stuff works I guess. And I like it…Except for when I don’t 😂

  • Wow that’s an amazing run you’ve given that kindle! I used to have that one as well, years ago.

    If you are sticking in the Amazon/Kindle world, then a new Kindle (whether you go with the base Kindle or the Paperwhite) you’ll have a much faster experience for sure. The newer eink readers now can do several page turns without any real visual flash of the refresh. It’s a small thing but very nice.

    The Paperwhite has a backlight which is helpful for night reading. You’ll also get dark mode in the new software (not sure if your keyboard kindle has stayed up to date with software updates or not). Also there’s waterproofing.

    The base kindle just loses the light and the waterproofing.

    If you’re not going to stick with Amazon, take a look at the Kobo readers. They’re a great alternative to people not stuck in the Amazon world.