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  • McBride, 60, admits he gave troves of document to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), saying he was concerned about the attitudes of commanders and what he then thought was the “over-investigation” of troops, the court heard.

    But instead the information he provided underpinned a series of reports in 2017 called The Afghan Files, which gave unprecedented insight into the operations of Australia’s elite special forces in Afghanistan, and contained allegations of war crimes.

    It seems he wasn’t whistleblowing to expose the war crimes but because he felt troops were beyond overinvestigated!

    That is absolutely fucking hilarious!

  • as long as there is at least one other backup that isn’t with this provider.

    Which is exactly what I was saying.

    Any services used with a cloud provider should be treated as 1 entity, no matter how many geo-locations they claim your data is backed up to because they are a single point from which all those can be deleted.

    When I was last involved in a companies backups, we had a fire safe in the basement, we had an off-site location with another fire safe & third copies would go off to another company that provided a backup storage solution so for all backups to be deleted, someone had to go right out of their way to do so. Not just a simple deletion of our account & all backups are wiped.

    That company had the foresight to do something similar & it’s saved them. [edited - was on the tube when I wrote this and didnt see the autocorrect had put ‘comment’, not ‘company’]