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NomadBSD doesn’t work on most newer laptops. It doesn’t have many of the drivers used for modern Wifi cards.

I know. But it’s the best you can get for a persistent system on a USB drive. Even better than Puppy.

5 Great Text Editors For Writing Markdown · The Kernal
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had a very hectic last few weeks. But you should expect some more content soon. Marching season is over, so I finally have some free time on my hands.

I hope you understand that I didn’t mean anything racist with the term. “ricing” is just an acronym describing overly-customized shitty cars, which has been adopted by the Linux community to describe customizing desktop environments & window managers. I don’t see how “ricing” is derogatory to anyone but people who add exhaust tips, useless spoilers, and yellow paint jobs to their cars.