Hmm, not what I expected from the “honest” in the title.

The hardware is soso, but the review makes it sound great. But the touchpad has gotten much better with the recent firmware upgrade, and I am getting closer to 7-8h battery life on normal use. Never had problems with it charging too slow either, but yes it is not quick-charge capable. But that is probably better for the battery longevity anyway. Maybe I should note that it charges slightly faster over the barreljack power connector than it does over USB-C.

As for Manjaro… dunno. PEBKAC? It never broke once on me on the Pinebook Pro. Sometimes you have to shut it off completely and not just restart it, but apparently that is an hardware issue.

I kind of agree on the uboot though, very limited options. It would be nice if you could boot alternative OS from the SDcard reader like you can do on the Pinephone apparently. Maybe I should try Tow Boot some time…

Edit: and I loled at the review section on the speakers… “fairly nice” is not at all how I would describe them. They are seriously bad (not that I care much though).


I am thinking for quite a while now that you should not take that blog too seriously. Not just for still having that typo in “kernel” after all this time, and usually not even really discussing kernels in the first place (afaik). But indeed for things like you mention.

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