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if that’s even possible

Nested virtualization is possible with supported software AND hardware, a lot of consumer products lack the hardware to make it happen though and even then still inefficient. I’ve tried in the past and I get an error plainly stating I can’t run hypervisors within a hypervisor. The concept has been around for a while especially with large corporations like VMware and IBM.

it has a significant learning curve last time I checked

It’s a learning curve but if you can manage virtualbox it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out Qube manager. The latest 4.1 release is definitely the best one thus far for stability and ease of use since the automatically updater actually works!

6.95$ a month? Sign me up! It was going cost me more than that to do it on my own I’m pretty sure.

So you could use this technology to track and predict police movements too eh? Hmmmmmmmmm

Technology like this poses a unique challenge because it’s impossible to actually stop people from doing it if they want to. It’s just a camera pointing outside and software in the end. Obviously more regulations (with real consequences) need to be enforced because of how easily it can be abused by police but that’s what we do (or should do?) for all powers we give them.

How do we stop police from doing what anybody with a little tech experience can do? Even if we did legislate it out but then someone is publicly doing it with no explicit purpose, are the police allowed to use it too? How could you ever stop them?

At the opposite end of the spectrum I often think about modern safer ways of policing and one of those ways is to limit police interactions when possible. Why should I get pulled over for a speeding ticket or busted headlight? Take the data, have it verified by actual legal scholars (rather than empowered thugs) and send me the ticket in the mail. Why should the cop in the car ever be notified this is happening?

Like always, technology poses new risks and benefits that should be explored.

XMPP+OMEMO or OTR is a great alternative, lots of people use it in the DNM realm.

I didn’t explain myself very well but yes they do require a phone number. What I meant was you can use any VoIP number with Signal and it’s fine, TextNow or any service that lets you retain the number works.

You can use VoIP with Signal so it’s not much of an issue.