Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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I don’t know, AFAIK in it’s final version, they’ll have a paid plan for companies with extra features respect colaboration and business use. As I say, in the moment its in an experimental alpha phase.

You say it, not yet. I’m not sure it would make sense to publish all the source code, more than the basic one, on Github, if it is an experimental alpha product, in intensive development and improvements and changes every few days. It is enough for me that it really respects privacy and, even in alpha, it is extremely practical.

Anyway, as you can see in my screenshot above, that I use apart a lot of diferent search engines and specific site searches, depending of what I need to search. I use Andi as first search for the daily common use, for which is normally enough, giving me direct answers and not only a list with not related results.

It is, but Andi is still in development. There is a community in Discord where you can speak with the 2 devs, Angie Hoover and Jed White, that is the whole company. Anyway wors fine with 100% privacy.

I use Andisearch, also as PWA in mobile. It’s an AI search assistant, 100% privacy focused, no tracks, ads or logs, reader view of webpages, Video view in search results, Bangs, alternatives websearches with several engines, OpenSource. Anyway I added mwmbl to my list, it’s a very good engine, I only miss the image and video opcion.

I prefer open beer, the recipe of a good beer is GPL.

There isn’t any privacy friendly FOSS alternative AFAIK, but I use for search best prices of hotels and flights Andisearch, it’s an 100% privacy friendly AI search assistant with an own reader mode in the search results, which it permits to read the content of most webpages without the need to visit these. Also permits to view YT videos direct in the search page.

You can use it as PWA in Desktop and mobile. Best search engine ever I think, and it’s OpenSource. Only relevant results, no ads, tracking or other crap.

Only when you use apart from the fingers, you also use the toes. I would not like the way to express fractions and orders. 43/313 in French, please 😵

In German and Spanish, letters have same phonetic in words as in the aplphabet (mostly), but Spain isnt very handy in tecnical and mathematical expressions.

ON- OFF = ENCENDIDO - APAGADO Worse also French - ninety eight = quatre vingt dix huit = four twenty ten eight

I think that most of us have had in their internet history the unpleasant experience with some malware, being easy prey as newbies in a new medium. This exciting moment when you learn to type at 200 ppm, inventing a lot of new expressions, while the monitor does increasingly strange things and the OS says goodbye definitively, as happened to me 20 years ago with one of these crap, downloaded from a ‘shareware’, which turned my PC into a paperweight in seconds. Sometimes you learn in the hard way. Since then I don’t trust my shadow on the net, checking everything in depth, before downloading anything or opening attachments in the mail.

But it can quickly change to this keyboard

Nowadays almost everyone uses headphones to listen to music, not like before when they walked there with their Ghetto Blasters in my time. The problem is those who listen to reggeton at full volume in their cars to entertain the neighbors.

That is the lack off FOSS frontends. I use most, its a privacy protecting imagesharer, encrypted, delete EXIF Data from the images and you can use it with ShareX, images up to 20Mb.