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Adding cloak layers to digital projects
Glaze is a tool to help artists to prevent their artistic styles from being learned and mimicked by new AI-art models such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion and their variants.

Not surprising since the record stores are mostly vinyl with a small portion left for cds (and dvds) a complete turnaround. The prices for some albums here can quite pricey on vinyl. Happy to see it taking off though, there is something quite ritualistic with the process of playing a record.

Also love the two sided nature that was kind of lost with a single cd.

Posting this as I ended up listening to some pavement today, finding out that they've reformed for a tour and are currently down my way right at this moment [!] Nice to think about going to the gig, but not too interested - they're not recording anything new, which makes it a nostagia tour. Good to have seen them live back in the day though. They have music on bandcamp but not this one which is what comes to mind.

The Atomic Bitchwax always sound like they're having a lot of fun on their albums and it's great if you're feeling in the mood for something simple and upbeat.

Yeah hope everyone gets to relax for a little bit!

Excellent will have to test it out at some point when implemented (personally wasnt a fan of the old k9 ui)


Yeah could have clarified current using webmail rather than a desktop app.

Hmm not an expert here, but The Jesus and Mary Chain (thinking Darklands,Honeys dead) or something like Wilco or Modest Mouse?

  • Bandcamps Discover area on the homepage (by genre).
  • Youtube recommendations.
  • For metal releases https://heavymusichq.com/ does a monthly best of which can be quite eclectic.
  • Metalhead.club Release Bot - @releasebot@metalhead.club
  • Soundcloud on the odd occasion.

If you can make it work, providing hosted options and consulting should help with adoption and funding. Compensating contributors is something all projects have to deal with I guess.

Political Content on Sopuli
Whats the deal? Personally I exited lemmy.ml to [get away from it.](https://lemmy.ml/post/208628)

Something relaxing / summery for those who need it.

Anyone else giving it a watch? I’ve linked to an article trashing it because it seems to be love / hate going on but coversely I’m digging it.

Visually the bits they show look great, will be interesting how they interpret/expand the stories.

Illustration [and Blog post](https://www.onverticality.com/blog/dante-divine-comedy) detailing the universe of Dantes Divine Comedy