Golden Parazyth perform 'Upė' live at the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University.

Music video & lyrics:

Consume one before fully waking up ;)

Looking for suggestions…please
I've always been drawn, primarily, to alternative music. Some examples go way back to R.E.M., The Smiths and The Cure. A few years ago I discovered [Phoenix]( and have latched onto them. Do you have any other recommendations?

MTV hasn't released the original (color + high definition) copy of this performance. I was able to get my hands on a leaked 'sloppy' transfer version and 'remaster' it with post production software.

How do you discover music?
This could be 'new to you' or new music artists. Right now, I've been relying on a local FM radio station.

TL;DW: the artists get into the genre due to its democratized field with no commercial interests; the listeners get in because of its vast music flavors, nostalgic feeling, and (quite clearly) its slow tempo.

shared to me by tineidae

You can check out his other (mostly piano and song cover) music.

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