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  • The division was because the winners couldn’t coexist,

    No, the division was because the winners couldn’t agree on who gets to build a new country where the old one was.

    Sounds to me like we’re in agreement here? In any case, the Allies didn’t give have Poland annex German territory or whatever. It continued to exist. Lots of people in this thread on the other hand want to delete Israel altogether and give it all to Palestine (which, incidentally, has never been a state at any point in history)

  • So have Muslims and Christians. Doesn’t give them the right to kill all the other people and take their land.

    So your solution is to dissolve the state of Israel and leave the Jews there at the mercy of neighbours who would take their land and kill them on sight? Big brain time

    The history of Israel’s formation is not relevant to today’s discussion. Most countries were founded on colonialism and war and oppression; it doesn’t mean the solution is “well actually let’s send everyone packing”

  • I’ve never used Mint for gaming, but if you’ll be running Windows games I’d definitely look at something like Bazzite, EndeavourOS, or even PopOS. They use more up-to-date kernels and will reduce the odds of your Windows games not working. I’d probably try Bazzite first; PopOS is great but has a huge overhaul coming down the pipeline, and EndeavourOS is somewhat dependent on the terminal and may not be the best first distro to learn with.