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  • I have looked at it. It looks really cool! However, it does not have the user base of signal and does not have an easy unboarding for beginners. If I’m going to switch a person to an encrypted instant messenger I would do Signal. It is by far the simplest and the most widely used. The more widely it is used the easier it is to sell it to people. For the most secure I go with Session. But I do agree that SimpleX is on to something.

  • I don’t know, I’ve been on their Discord channel from the early stages and they seem pretty legit. Mind you I could be wrong, we all get taken into scams every now and then. I just got into their alpha testing so I will provide some feedback on how well it works. Honestly, it’s fixing a problem that shouldn’t be there. All of these walled garden messengers can’t stand the test of time. We have to switch to something more federated like xmpp or something else. Even signal, while awesome, can’t communicate with anything else. We need some good, secure, FOSS, instant messaging protocols.