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  • generally people in the creative industries are nicer and drama free, but when they melt down they really melt down. I’ve worked on a few big movies, famous artist music videos - they’ve all been lovely. Worked for a small scale entertainment company, was a complete nightmare.

    in the corpo world I have found very few people that are just chill, but I work with a lot of startups with VC funding - so likely a lot of pressure and billionaire bootlickers. Worked for a large TV shopping channel, old money, it was like a competition to see who could be the most bigoted; worked for a newly minted $50MM startup, everyone trying their hardest to be a cool rude dude who could out-cuss Gordon Ramsay.

    I remain incredibly nice, thoughtful, understanding, professional, my LinkedIn is filled with positive recommendations.

  • Yes, it’s actually to notify people who aren’t part of countries with membership to the WTO of the first available year of public declaration of distribution without restriction, however, putting “1997” on your website makes it look old so people put current year to make it look new.

    It’s only legally distinct in Aruba, Eritrea, Kiribati, Micronesia, North Korea etc… so it’s almost entirely useless.

    I meant it’s a red flag if someone can’t spin up the code and is making an intern change it by hand every year.