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  • Hmmm, is CloudFlare known for being a bad actor in terms of privacy?

    Setting that aside, no matter what you pick, you’ll be exposing your IP address, from which your ISP and/or general location may be derived

    If you don’t trust CloudFlare with that information then you basically cannot trust anyone else, so maybe you’d need to run your own service and ping that instead now that you’re in a situation where you can only trust yourself 🤷

    The other issue that comes to mind is that you’re only testing reachability to one address, which means you could get a false negative where that address stops working but the rest of the internet is actually fine

  • I’m not an expert, but my understanding of the Global Shortcuts portal is that it’s very much designed for the push-to-talk use case where an app is not focused but still receives button events for exactly the keys its interested in and no other keys: I think this would cause problems if an app requested every key (e.g. if the request was approved then no keys would work in every other app)

    It’ll be interesting to see how the remaining compatibility/accessibility issues are tackled, either in portals or in wayland protocols

  • Proton emails are stored in an encrypted form that goes beyond the simple authentication that is part of the POP/IMAP specifications

    Proton does have open-source bridges/proxies, so they aren’t hiding these details from us

    Perhaps Thunderbird could be enhanced to support the Proton features directly?

  • I bought a sealed device, with the intention of doing development but have not yet done anything like that

    I installed GadgetBridge on my Android phone, paired it with the watch, uploaded the latest PineTime firmware, all without looking at code or opening it up or anything

    It works perfectly fine as a basic watch with step counter and heart-rate monitor (although, I am not sure how accurate these features are)

    If you can browse the web, download files, and find that file again when using a different app, then I think you’ll be fine

  • Microsoft posses a vast corpus of code that they unambiguously own the copyright over: their own private code for Windows, Office, Visual Studio, etc, plus all of their open-source stuff

    It’s pretty telling that the models were not trained using Microsoft’s own code, but everyone else’s instead