I just wanted to confirm from our meeting just now, did you want me to (some crazy shit that could cause problems)?

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  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I turned in a time card once that had over 24 hours of work on it in a row. The boss was dating a stripper, and she would sometimes bring stripper friends to our parties and hangouts. We had ninja weapons in the office. The heat was shitty, so in the winter we had to use space heaters, but that would overload the house’s power which would cause a breaker to blow which obviously caused significant issues, so a lot of people would wear coats at their desks in the winter, but that obviously doesn’t do much for your typing fingers which was an issue. I frequently would sleep in the office on the couch (a couple of people were living in bedrooms in the upstairs of the house).

    Like I say, it’s not surprising that we went out of business. It was definitely pretty fuckin memorable though. Those are just some of the stories or right-away memorable pieces off the top of my head.

  • I went into the office I now work at, greeted 2 coworkers I’ve already worked with, they looked at me, said nothing, kept talking to themselves.

    How am I supposed to interpret that?

    I think you should interpret it exactly how it sounds like

    It may or may not be fair. Personally, with a very few exceptions, I dislike coworkers and want few interactions with them whether positive or negative. I just don’t care. But regardless of that, your coworkers are there because they have to be, and if they’ve decided they don’t want to interact with you and are now letting you know, that is their option, whether it’s fair or not.

  • So I posted this in !politicalmemes@lemmy.world:

    Let’s say this:

    I have no idea if you are a shill or a genuine person. But, there are some behaviors that are bad things to do regardless of which you are:

    1. Recasting your opponents’ views as other ones that make less sense and are easier to argue against, consistently, as a way of muddling the discourse, instead of being honest about what you’re saying and what you are disagreeing with and why, and just letting your point of view speak for itself whether or not I personally would agree with it
    2. Consistently posting a drumbeat of memes in support of your viewpoint (within that same dishonest framing)

    I mean, you can do what you want to do. I’m not gonna try to tell you you are or aren’t allowed to say whatever suits you. But to me, saying “fuck the whole US politics join my coalition for positive change we need a level of change that the current system will not allow” would make sense. Sounds great. I actually would be right there in that coalition. Anything from Bernie Sanders to Ralph Nader to someone further out-there who is working for something to produce actual change in some other way.

    But if instead of that, you misrepresent the “other side”'s viewpoint “fascism is so bad that we need to resist it even if the alternative involves continuing the US’s longstanding policy of allowing some war crimes,” as if it was “I <3 war crimes and genocide”, and post a drumbeat of attack against specifically the least war-crime-friendly big contingent in US politics, I think people will wind up accusing you of bad faith. They’ve got a right to say that too.

    I mean, does that seem fair? If you were posting a big stream of memes about how to put pressure on Biden to do more (like, a fuck of a lot more) to stop the crimes, or in favor of some faction that was plausibly able to produce a better outcome, I don’t think you would be getting near this level of derisive responses. But the message you’re sending doesn’t match the outcome you say you want. I think that’s why you are getting these maybe unfair accusations.

    Removed. Rule 1, civility.

    I got a permanent ban for some other, less friendly, interactions on the same day. But that one decision always stuck out to me as a shining example of the moderation quality on Lemmy.

  • This is more of a theory than anything I’ve tried in practice, but I think “go ugly early” might be good advice in moderation as it is in marathons. If someone’s being a dickbag just get rid of them. Temp ban for dickbaggery, perm ban for consistent or unrepentant dickbaggery.

    It seems like a lot of the mods try to dress it up in this elaborate system of rules and procedures like they’re only implementing the will of the great magnet, and they have no personal stake in anything. Just ban the dicks and people will either agree with your judgement on it or they won’t. But it seems, just from my observations, like trying to dress it up in a fig leaf of impartiality doesn’t really fool anybody.

  • Startup in a rented house in a residential neighborhood

    “Router” was an old PC running Linux with a few network cards, with no case, with a household fan pointed at it to keep it cool

    Loose ethernet cables and little hubs everywhere

    Every PC was its own thing and some people were turbo nerds. I had my Linux machine with its vertical monitor; there were many Windows machines, a couple Macs, servers and 2 scrounged Sun workstations also running Linux

    No DHCP, pick your own IP and tell the IT guy, which was me, and we’ll set you up. I had a little list in my notebook.

    It was great days my friends

    We went out of business; no one was shocked

  • I think 8 hours starts to get into territory where they might get an informational message about the delay? That also starts to be long enough that the emails might get lost in the distant past in the client and never be seen, by the time they arrive.

    I think when I used to do this, it was one advisory message every 24 hours that a message was holding in the queue, and after 5 days it would bounce, but I have to assume that those limits have shrunk in the modern day. How much, IDK; it might be worth experimenting with it though before committing to creating that situation since it might not go okay.

  • I don’t think Putin is as naive as to try to bring back the USSR. He is trying to be a gangster and do gangster shit, and currently annoyed at the West because they’re interfering and bringing bullshit he doesn’t control closer in towards his sphere of influence than he wants them to be, and he wants to fuck them up for it and get back to doing his gangster shit. That’s it. It’s not overly complicated.

    John Mearshimer has more analysis, parts of which I don’t agree with, but on Putin’s overall motivations I think he is pretty spot on.

  • SMTP is designed with queues and retries

    Unless something has changed massively since I was deeply involved with this stuff, the people that sent you email may get a notification after some hours that their message is being delayed, and maybe after like 24-48 hours they might get a bounce. But if it’s just your SMTP server going down for an hour or two every now and then, the system should be able handle that seamlessly (barring some hiccups like messages showing up with timestamps hours in the past which sometimes is confusing).