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  • “It will go away, no harm done” is your stance? Well, there is harm done, if not only on the societies feeling of sanity and security. What was the purpose of that action? To seed shock and “ruffle some feathers”, sow disbalance under the coat of “shaking sleeping people up”.

    “No harm done”? Well, then let me waterboard you, hit you, hit your wife and children. The blue specks will go away, no harm done. Your psychological effects? They will go away, seek therapy. You’re still less affected people than the society.

    Of course this was sarcasm. But think about what stance you just took and reflect.

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    So what you’re saying is: If some random dude on the internet made a mocking image about Biden after he downed in a helicopter, the USA would come and kill that guy/his country/the world?

    If yes, okay, fair.

    If not, think about what a crazy thing you just said and if this would remotely be true, wtf would be wrong with the American/Iranian people?

  • OP stated it happens to their “best” shirt, so those are $25 upwards easily. Take two, get one wool.

    I suppose washing intervals depend on work, climate and personal disposition but in any case you get way more mileage between washes on wool than cotton. My cotton shirts would last only two days before I had to wash them again and they were never as fresh as wool shirts straiht from the washing machine. I also did not say “wear it for two weeks in a row” but one 2-3 days ,then hang it oit in the fresh air while wearing the next. Then after some days you can wear the first again because wool is kind of self cleaning and anti bacterial. No problem. I have daily meetings in person and I have to be clean and nice.

  • Why the negative votes?

    Personally I have only a hand full of t-shirts, all made of good 100 percent wool. I rotate them in use and I get maybe two weeks of time each before I have to wash them again because wool is not getting stenchy very fast, is anti bacterial and has a good climate while wearing, be it cold or hot weather. They get washed inside out and with pretty cold water, which is good for the fabric, and dry on air, because that’s energy efficient and also good for the fabric. I have them for like two years now and they look brand new, no pilling, no tears, no nothing. The wool flows and gleams like at the first day. Just. Do. Not. Buy. Trash.

  • I disagree. Telling the students there are three states of matter is just wrong and they have all the right to point it out. They keep that information for decades if not corrected/challenged and will give non true statements to others, their children, etc.

    What the teacher instead should have said could may be: “There are many states of matter, currently we know of (amount). The most common however are these three: solid, liquid and gas. Maybe you will encounter a fourth: plasma. The others form in very specific situations that are very outside of our everyday life. You can look them up if you want to know more. But for this class, we only focus on the three most common.”

    Everything is correct, everything is clear. The scope has been set. Teacher still looks knowlegdeable and reliable. And most importantly: does not lie, tell false facts, he provides options for individual interests and builds trust and does not offer himself for attacks on his position by misusing the trust of the students by telling them factually false content.

    Relying on groveling students is morally very bad as that’s no relationship based on trust and respect for the pupils and can easily be challenged, like in this example. You would only be offering yourself for failure and risk your “dethroning”, which is a bad foundation to build on from the beginning.

    Depending on class structure another way could be to include the students and have the whole class collect the states of matter they know of. That way the “plasma” ones could shine and get heard. That way you will probably get to the common 4 but maaaybe someone heard of the BE condensat, which would be extremely cool and impressive. Wrap it up with “Great work everyone! Actually, we currently know of (amount) different states, insane, right? For this class we will focus ourselves on…” That gives bonus points for teamplay and class strengthening.