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They’re just waving that around to scare people. No judge is ever going to make that punishment.

I’m in this comic and I don’t like it.

And to make matters worse, most of the furor seems to be over two drawn graphic novel panels that depicts sucking on a strap on. It’s less titillating than many magazine photoshoots. This would never happen if it the graphic novel did not depict LGBTQ relationships.

LessPass is okay for passwords, but the problem is that that by design that is all it can ever do. You have to memorize the user name and rotation number for each site. You can’t share non-password data like credit card information. It does what it does well, but it can never be more.

If we’re talking poisonous cactus juice and dehydration, someone had to quote it.

At least it’ll quench ya. Nothing’s quenchier. It’s the quenchiest.

It’s been said that English is a language that is easy to speak/write poorly, but hard to speak/write well. It’s a mutt of a language, combining many disparate and conflicting backgrounds. The pronunciation is always going to be confusing because the parent languages have absolutely loony pronunciation. Yeah, I’m looking at you, French, with your weird ass dropping of letters. Plus it’s undergone a great deal of evolution. Anyone who turns their nose up at deviation from “proper English” ignores that their own use of English is a deviation from just decades prior.

Oh, that does seem like a valid concern. To elaborate on the US’s fears on protectionist policies, the global food system relies on shipping food from countries that excel in producing certain foods to countries that are not as good at producing that food. If every country starts hoarding based on the principle of food sovereignty, that makes the global system less efficient. In the case of much less productive countries, it means starvation.

Why yes I would enjoy riding high-speed rail. hungry face

/r/gaymersgonemild has mastered that me thinks. There is a sexy edge to some of the photos, but most stuff keeps pretty tame.

Such petty things as Constitution protection from unreasonable search and seizure pale in comparison to the need to protect fetuses, sorry unborn children. Surely a monthly examination of the phones of all menstruating feeeeemales should suffice.

Coming soon to a red state near you: confiscation of Drip data to detect abortions.

I know I usually enjoy things more if I’m doing them as part of a group.

Jokes on him, McDonald’s makes you slowly less human.

One journalist was putting it this way. In researching a piece, they looked at some web sites that sold guns. The way they described one piece hinted at a post-apocalyptic battlefield. This was a semi-automatic sniper rifle. In a civilian setting, only paranoia can be behind these decisions.

Theoretically, yes. Practically, that’s just not how introducing a large number of firearms into a society goes. It makes everyone jumpier. Police are quicker to shoot because that person could be reaching for a firearm. Criminals have easier access to heavier weapons. Suicides are more likely to be done with a gun and succeed. The adage “a well armed society is a polite society” simply has not been demonstrated to be true.

It’s not just thanks to the second amendment. It’s thanks to a more recent cultural of paranoia among the far right especially, driven by organizations like the NRA that have become little more than an extension of the gun industry.

Or else a good chunk of the US extends itself with bullshit purchases, whether it is an arsenal or some other purchase that some marketing campaign convinced them to buy.

This is false

tl;dr: You’ve been lied to by a right wing group.