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This might tempt me back from the land of Pop! OS. I had found it pretty painful to create packages, but this looks like it can take out a lot of the boilerplate.

I noticed one of the comments at one point was about how Paul Pelosi appears to be in his underwear in the footage. Like… yeah. He’s in his own home and it’s the middle of the night.

Element can be used with Firefox if you want. Electron isn’t mandatory. If you’re on Linux, my impression is that Fractal is pretty solid.

Does ArchiveBox look right to you? A full copy of the Internet Archive is measured in petabytes, so you probably don’t want the whole thing.

No shit. That’s a bomb threat against an agency that has been the target of extremist rhetoric for years. Of course the FBI is going to drop by. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

She wasn’t even at the age of consent at the time. That’s not justice.

What was the goal of the prosecution?

From what I understand, Aaron planted a laptop in an MIT networking closet and had it slurping down journal content. That’s just not okay. Presumably they didn’t want to let him off without some consequences.

So which is it?

Given the number of people going through the justice system, some are going to be suicidal. Now could you answer the questions I posed: “how is that the fault of the justice system?” and “Would you have ever consider possible suicide as a top factor?”

Seems to me that political activists like Swartz are precisely the demographic that the system is biased against.

It’s mostly biased against people who live in poverty. They are often unable to mount an effective legal defense. Technically the state is supposed to supply a public defense lawyer if the accused cannot afford one, but public defenders are notoriously overworked. This has led to a situation where public defenders often push the accused to take plea deals regardless of guilt simply because they lack the time to put together an effective defense. Aaron Swartz would have been able to raise an effective legal defense.

The fact that the regime went after Swartz even though the university did not want to press charges clearly demonstrates this was a malicious prosecution.

Why? To be clear, MIT adopted a neutral stance.

Seems like a bit of a stretch to claim that two random people just happened to have predisposition to suicide.

Doesn’t seem like a stretch to me. It’s not like people who are susceptible to suicide are unheard particularly rare. They get confronted by the prospect of a prison sentence. Maybe they’re not thinking so clearly. They then kill themselves. I’m perfectly willing to take the system to task when it hands out absurd punishments, but how is that the fault of the justice system?

Your argument is based on the assumption that the legal system in US is fair and equal.

The system isn’t equal, but Aaron Swartz was not the type of person that the system is biased against.

You’re correct that the tweet gets the part about him having already being sentenced wrong, but as I’ve explained I don’t see that as the key point.

I feel like saying he had already been sentenced and overstating that sentence by 70 times is a major factual error, but maybe that’s just me.

Meanwhile, victim blaming is a really low tactic.

I’m not victim blaming. I’m pointing out that prosecutorial decisions shouldn’t be criticized based on factors that are unknowable. I’ll put it this way. Put yourself in the prosecutor’s shoes, deciding whether to prosecute. Would you have ever consider possible suicide as a top factor? And if you say yes, when should anyone ever be prosecuted?

I’m just saying I don’t see why you think that’s the relevant part of the story.

I’m not talking about the story as a whole. I’m talking about this particular tweet. And this particular tweet has a substantial piece of it that is outright false.

He reacted that way, and if the state did not choose to attack him then he would’ve very likely been alive today.

Maybe, but that was not foreseeable. He likely had an underlying condition that they did not know of. I don’t see grounds to blame the state for his death when they had no idea that he would commit suicide in response. There are obviously greater systemic problems with the US’s prison system and treatment of people post-prison, but millions of people go through that ordeal without committing suicide.

Okay, so where am I wrong? And I’ve been avoiding saying this so far because it feels disrespectful towards the dead, but his suicide was not a foreseeable consequence of being prosecuted. Most people don’t react to the prospect of time behind bars by killing themselves. So saying that his prosecution led to his suicide is a stretch at best. It would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’m not nitpicking. It’s simply objectively incorrect to say he was sentenced (he wasn’t) or that it was 35 years (off by 70x compared to the plea deal). Could you argue that a six month plea deal was itself too much? Absolutely, and I would agree with that, especially given that MIT never asked for charges. But you can argue that plenty well with the facts and not resort to repeating lies.

Why do you always assume that I am either acting in bad faith or stupid? I saw something that is objectively false and corrected it. Simple. As. That.

I saw a misconception that’s been floating around for a decade. I corrected it. Simple as that.

You certainly are demeaning his sacrifice by insinuating his suicide didn’t had any thing to do with going against JSTOR and hence US capitalism.

I didn’t say anything of the sort. This tweet is simply stuffed full of oft repeated lies.

This tweet has some serious inaccuracies. He was offered a six month plea deal, which he turned down. The charges he faced carried a maximum time of 35 years, but that assumes they were served consecutively and to their maximum extent. Even without the plea deal, a first time non-violent offender with little chance of reoffending would have gotten a quite lenient sentence. However, he was never sentenced because he committed suicide before it went to trial.

I remember how sad I was when he died. He was a talented young man who had already made a name for himself in Internet culture. He’s also very close to me in age, so I saw some of myself in him. But it doesn’t serve his memory well to surround his death with falsehoods.

They’re just waving that around to scare people. No judge is ever going to make that punishment.

I’m in this comic and I don’t like it.

And to make matters worse, most of the furor seems to be over two drawn graphic novel panels that depicts sucking on a strap on. It’s less titillating than many magazine photoshoots. This would never happen if it the graphic novel did not depict LGBTQ relationships.

LessPass is okay for passwords, but the problem is that that by design that is all it can ever do. You have to memorize the user name and rotation number for each site. You can’t share non-password data like credit card information. It does what it does well, but it can never be more.

If we’re talking poisonous cactus juice and dehydration, someone had to quote it.

At least it’ll quench ya. Nothing’s quenchier. It’s the quenchiest.

It's happening! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/678e3ac2-6334-4eee-8ab7-960470fd8c23.mp4)

It’s been said that English is a language that is easy to speak/write poorly, but hard to speak/write well. It’s a mutt of a language, combining many disparate and conflicting backgrounds. The pronunciation is always going to be confusing because the parent languages have absolutely loony pronunciation. Yeah, I’m looking at you, French, with your weird ass dropping of letters. Plus it’s undergone a great deal of evolution. Anyone who turns their nose up at deviation from “proper English” ignores that their own use of English is a deviation from just decades prior.

Oh, that does seem like a valid concern. To elaborate on the US’s fears on protectionist policies, the global food system relies on shipping food from countries that excel in producing certain foods to countries that are not as good at producing that food. If every country starts hoarding based on the principle of food sovereignty, that makes the global system less efficient. In the case of much less productive countries, it means starvation.

Why yes I would enjoy riding high-speed rail. hungry face

/r/gaymersgonemild has mastered that me thinks. There is a sexy edge to some of the photos, but most stuff keeps pretty tame.

Such petty things as Constitution protection from unreasonable search and seizure pale in comparison to the need to protect fetuses, sorry unborn children. Surely a monthly examination of the phones of all menstruating feeeeemales should suffice.

Coming soon to a red state near you: confiscation of Drip data to detect abortions.

I know I usually enjoy things more if I’m doing them as part of a group.

Jokes on him, McDonald’s makes you slowly less human.

One journalist was putting it this way. In researching a piece, they looked at some web sites that sold guns. The way they described one piece hinted at a post-apocalyptic battlefield. This was a semi-automatic sniper rifle. In a civilian setting, only paranoia can be behind these decisions.

Theoretically, yes. Practically, that’s just not how introducing a large number of firearms into a society goes. It makes everyone jumpier. Police are quicker to shoot because that person could be reaching for a firearm. Criminals have easier access to heavier weapons. Suicides are more likely to be done with a gun and succeed. The adage “a well armed society is a polite society” simply has not been demonstrated to be true.

It’s not just thanks to the second amendment. It’s thanks to a more recent cultural of paranoia among the far right especially, driven by organizations like the NRA that have become little more than an extension of the gun industry.

Or else a good chunk of the US extends itself with bullshit purchases, whether it is an arsenal or some other purchase that some marketing campaign convinced them to buy.

This is false

tl;dr: You’ve been lied to by a right wing group.

I think his stunt at the end is his best yet. We’ll see where that goes.