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Privacy News Sources
What active (about 1 or more updates/posts per week) news source do you use to stay on top of privacy news?

In other news, water is wet. /s

This is just another example of corporations pushing the limits of both the law/regulations and what people are willing to accept in order to increase profits. Its analogous to predatory practices enabled by fine print in contracts, terms and conditions, advertisements, etc. “We value your privacy - your data will never be sold ~we’ll only share your data with our 35 trusted data brokers~” is the new “You qualify for an unlimited credit card with 0 percent financing ~introductory interest rate expires after initial purchase and becomes 200 percent on top of additional fines and fees for each additional purchase~”.

I’m not privy to what is going on, who the users from the screenshot are, or what this is all in reference to, but saying they “actively setup RSS feeds” for this is a bit disingenuous. The ability to consume Reddit users’ RSS feeds has existed for longer than GrapheneOS has been around. Anyone posting on Reddit (especially on public subs) or any other public site should have the expectation that their posts/comments can be monitored/tracked/followed, searched, recorded/copied, etc. This should just be viewed as a reminder of that.