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  • A friend of mine is a musician. About a decade or two ago I went over to his house and he said that he had to get a new fan to fix his computer. I asked him what was going on, so he turned it on and I heard that tick-tick-tick of the read head. I had to let him know it was his hard drive. He had a lot backed up, but not everything, and not the stuff he’d been working on the past couple weeks. Just a bummer. But he did set up a backup program after that.

  • I configured the newsboat rss reader for my youtube subscriptions, but you may want to configure another reader that allows you to download/watch videos. An alternative to @cow@lemmy.world’s javascript code, you can go onto the homepage of a youtube channel, open up the page source and search for “rssurl”. That will give you the rss feed for the channel.

    A lot of readers can do this automatically. It really is nice to watch videos without any of the suggestions or ads. Also, if you use mpv to watch the videos, you can install a sponsorblock script that does away with the paid promotions in the video.