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Thanks for the recommendation! It makes a lot of sense

I’m glad this is happening.

My gf’s father has a 2013 Apple computer that’s absurdly slow. His only reason not to switch to a libre system is email. He tried Thunderbird and found it ugly and barely intuitive. I was hoping something like this UI rebuilding would happen, because he is still willing to wait to see how options change over time.

M1 incompatibility with an old program he uses stops him from getting a Mac. He doesn’t even consider Windows because he dislikes it… Thunderbird’s ugly interface stops him from getting a libre desktop system. I’m hoping Thunderbird delivers their new polished and intuitive interface before his old program gets replaced by something he can use in an M1.

That’s an interesting title! Unfortunately, I cannot read it because its behind some sort of paywall.

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know where I could find the Linux kernel developer’s blog post you’re referring to?

Maybe changing your title’s “extract” to “deduce” or something like that will avoid this confusion, so that it’s more likely that you get the answer that you’re looking for :)

I think the “reason why ‘nature helps’ is” that it redirects your attention. In a forest, there are so many things to look at. It’s naturally entertaining. Your brain, which usually ruminates, will be thinking about what it is looking at, rather than your to-do list.

I tried finding the GitHub issue that asks for Signal to stop relying on phone numbers. I can’t find it. Do you [whoever is reading this] know where the issue is at?

[SOLVED] Plz help: Looking for website/organization dedicated to “quality” FLOSS software (some details on the body of the post)
I remember there was a website that had the laudable goal of sharing only software that they considered good. It felt a bit snobbish, but it also seemed interesting. They seemed to have a bunch of packages, so most (if not all) of their software had no GUI. I really don't know more than that. I'm hoping someone will know what I'm talking about just with this...

I have a smartphone. My friend has a fliphone. How to easily encrypt-decrypt our SMSs?
I am aware this is a meta-data disaster on par with Whatsapp. Such is life.

lol earlier today my grandpa sent me this meme

The [release post](https://matrix.org/blog/2022/06/16/matrix-v-1-3-release) specifies the spec changes. I'm not entirely sure what the entirety of the change regarding metadata reduction is, but this MSC seems relevant: - Deprecate the sender_key and device_id on m.megolm.v1.aes-sha2 events, and the sender_key on m.room_key_request to-device messages, as per MSC3700. (#1101)

I loved that video. I’m sure there are reasons, but how is it conspirational?