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You have to keep the bigger context in mind here. Even if Signal only tracks your phone number, it can be easily correlated with other data that’s associated with you that’s aggregated from your online footprint.

LOL I guess I really got under their skin

I use uBlock and it does a pretty good job as well

Then there’s always google, the comic is referencing Canada so it shouldn’t be too hard to dig up the numbers.

I didn’t make the infographic, but you could ping the creator on twitter.

What scares the fuck out of me are people who reject methods for combating capitalism that actually have been shown to work successfully, and using terms like tankie to dismiss people they disagree with. People in the west live under a highly organized and authoritarian dictatorship of the capitalists. The only way to combat this is by having symmetric structures that represent the rest of the society. The notion that this can be achieved without authority is not bearing itself out in practice despite over a hundred years of people advocating for this ideas. It’s also worth noting that implicit authority structures arise in groups where no formal authority exists.

Communist “authoritarianism” that you speak of has been demonstrated to improve the living conditions for countless millions of people, and it’s a far better real world alternative to the capitalist nightmare people in the west currently live in.

Of course, but their cognition is different from humans so it’s not always clear what they’re doing and why. It’s a lot easier to get a mental model of a dog than of a cat I find.

Yup, and this is why I find cats to be more interesting. You really have to try and figure them out, it’s like a puzzle.

we got the short end of the stick clearly

That’s the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs look up to you and structure their whole lives around pleasing you. Cats just cohabitate with you. They have their own interests and goals. Sometimes you’re part of that and sometimes you’re just getting in their way.

just like people 😂

lol yeah they totally know how to act dumb when they do what they’re not supposed to

Yeah for sure, my views have evolved over time as well and having my ideas challenged played a significant role in that. I think you’re absolutely right that we tend to initially react negatively to information that contradicts what we believe, but sometimes we keep thinking about it afterwards and our views evolve as a result.