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But there are already a bunch of troll servers? Someone even deployed @p@freespeechextremist.com’s favourite attack that one time.

Is that related to that uhhh, FIDOnet or whatever? The one where it’s all delegated down?

2fa To be honest, I don’t see the point. Just use one non-shit factor.


lol, lmao Will they ever learn? Relatedly, get into webauthn. And don’t make it someone else’s responsibility.

It’s pretty funny that the twitter exodus is happening not over excessive censorship and tyranny but over the lackthereof. … And he’s not even delivering half of what he promised anyway.

Anyway a mastodon guide should start and end with “pleroma does what mastodon’t”. The middle is “misskey is fine too, and gnu social and epicyon and…”

Right, but that’s still beside the point. The point is that if they’re collecting obscene amounts of data to begin with, you should expect that they intend to use it for some ill, so you should avoid giving out that data in the first place. (Oh, or that someone will breach it.)

Check out #fvc, fedi vidya club. I host a bunch of game servers and gather people three nights a week to play. So far, it’s all FOSS games, and because I’m an upsidedownlander, it’s all in upsidedownland timezone. I’ve had a few people complain about that, so I told them to organise in a timeslot convenient for them, but nobody has done this yet. By the way, I tag a bunch of people as a reminderer, let me know if you’d like that.

This sort of thing is difficult for me, because I’m working on something different every day, and kinda cycle through them. For example, in the last week I’ve solved two problems with my board game (and several more in discussion with my aunt and uncle), almost finished off the core of my chatlib (so soon I can focus on the matrix support for it, then masto/pleroma support, and that’s all I really want for my bots), set up another gameserver for #fvc… I still want to get back to writing stories, at some point. But I think I should give up on making a xianxia novel, and just reskin that idea to western fantasy.

It may come as a surprise to learn that large corporations break the law at every opportunity. “Don’t put yourself in a position that this will harm you” should not be controversial advice.

Calls matrix element You can safely disregard his opinion based on that alone. He gets basically every other detail about matrix wrong too. Everything he’s saying is pretty normie-tier takes anyway. Special mention to not acknowledging what a really fucking terrible idea giving out fone numbers is.