Thoughts on the official Android app?
I like the interface, but I'm still sticking with Tusky for the time being, since I like the multiple account feature and the option to clear notifications. I look forward to seeing how this develops, though.

how do I make my feed better ?
its filled with useless stuff like someone saying "good morning", do you just scroll past toots like that or is there a way to make it better ? like Twitter has an option to sort the home feed by recommended tweets, is there anything like that for mastodon ?

I’m outta there
I've had a lot of fun over there and met a few really cool people. I hope they are all over here as well, because I just had it with the 500 character limitation. It's been a sometimes thing, and I got really good at using every last character I had -- at the expense of proper literate writing, spelling, and punctuation. FUCK THAT. I BUTTFUCK THE LANGUAGE AT MY PLEASURE, not because I have to distill it down to 500 characters or less. It doesn't squeal, unless I make it squeal. The point is, language and speech are means of self expression, and 500 characters bleeds all the color out of my art. SO SEE ME HERE!

Is it possible to host a mastodon/pleroma instance for free?
I know this is possible with a rasberry pi but what about on a VPS?

why the username uses “@” at the begginning?
i am trying to follow someone. sometimes i notice i can type my full username with this syntax sometimes what is the REAL username needed to type when i follow someone? and why this strange behavior to add an initial @ ?

Recommendations for international (non-Eurocentric) Mastodon/Pleroma instance?
I am struggling with decision paralysis trying to choose an instance. I've never been on Mastodon before. I am tired of euro-centric and US-centric Internet spaces, but still enjoy the international aspect. Are there any instances with decent international presence?

Confirmation that the Truthsocial source code has the federation feature disabled. No big surprise of course.

Cross-site tracking on Mastodon
I was searching for articles on Google Translate with SearX ( and then, when I open the Mastodon Federated timeline (, guess what, a post about Google Translate! Talking about how humans should translate and not machines, the exact same topic. Can't believe I haven't escaped this bullshit with Mastodon. Live and learn.

Mixed reviews about Wasabi storage, most of them negative : What is the best cloud storage for Mastodon?
I went through many reviews about wasabi cloud storage, in fact the reviews were mixed but most of them negative, so what is the best affordable cloud storage for mastodon to go with instead wasabi?

I’m quite bullish on Mastodon and ActivityPub in general. I think it’s the kind of software that churches, bands, and any other group should take into consideration if they want to establish a place to congregate online. And I very well may be doing some of this myself.

I don’t like that they are called toots in Mastodon
This might just be a me problem, but I don't like that they use the word toot in Mastodon. When they chose that word, they probably were going for the sound an elephant makes with its trunk, because a mastodon is similar to an elephant. But I have always been aware that toot is another word for flatulence. So personally it makes me cringe. You can imagine what it's like for me if you replace "toot" with "fart" on mastodon. Now everyone is talking about liking the best farts, sharing someone's fart, etc. I'm not suggesting they change it on my account, I just wanted to share and see if anyone else had the same problem. Edit: Apparently they already did change the name Edit 2: Oh wow, apparently it was hbomberguys idea 6 years ago.

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