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fuggggg, Linux 4.0 was almost 8 years ago. How time flies.
but maybe my perspective is skewed, as I got into Linux around the time of 2.4 and 2.6. those two felt like Linux version releases move very slowly. But now that I check Linux version history, I see that versions 0 and 1 went for about as long, if not even faster, than versions 3 and 4

wait, does HedgeDoc also allow real-time collaboration like Etherpad does?

regular expressions? Any decent text editor should have them. But with text editor you could either just find the hashtags, or do the “replace text” with a regular expression that matches everything that is not a hashtag, and replaces it with nothing.

If you are willing to use command line, you could copy the contents of the article into a text file and then use grep command in combination with regular expression that does match hashtags. That would get you a proper list.

Oh wow, you are correct, I provided an incorrect URL at first. Fixed it now.
Thank you for pointing this out 👍
I guess all the upvotes were from people who already knew about magic wormhole.

I came here to shill as well
it’s an amazing piece of software that allows you to transfer files between any two machines or easily share them with your friends.
it’s P2P most of the time, except where there is no direct path between two machines, then it goes through wormhole relay

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third chapter of the July Update blogpost


can we use this opportunity to get more subreddits to choose Lemmy as a “fallback”?

GNU and Linux are just small part of overall operating systemd