Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
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Great article on Illuminatus!

a bit regards to SNAFU principle.

Nice mentioning of Algis Budrys as well.

Any resemblance with current affairs? ;)

Letter to Green Egg: ‘Christianity is only degenerate Eleusiniasm’
>Green Egg Forum, Vol. VII, No. 62, Beltrane AA14 >Dear Forum: >Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

The Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy By Robert Anton Wilson At 40
> Revisiting the work of the American futurist and self-described agnostic mystic, Robert Anton Wilson, forty years since the publication of his Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy, Sean Kitching finds the author’s questing vision more vital and necessary today than it has ever been..

Not so long ago.. #RAW

>I begin where the Buddha, that master psychologist, began, 25 centuries ago: “All that we are is the result of all that we have thought” (Dammapada, first sentence.) In contemporary and somewhat ironic terms this has been reformulated by Leonard Orr, founder of the Theta Seminars, in the simple proposition that the human mind behaves as if divided into two parts, which Orr calls the Thinker and the Prover. The Thinker can think virtually anything; it can think it is mortal (materialist view) or immortal (theological view) or both mortal and immortal (reincarnation model.) It can think its way into creation of a Christian uni-verse, a Marxist universe, a Nazi universe, a nudist universe, a vegetarian Lesbian universe, etc. ad, infin. The Prover is a much simpler mechanicism and operates on the simple rule: What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. If the Thinker decides to become an anti-semite, the Prover will prove that Jews are evil; if the Thinker becomes a Marxist, the Prover will prove that Capitalists are evil; if the Thinker becomes a Womans Liberationist, the Prover will prove that men are evil, etc. and ad. infin. again. Conversely, if the Thinker thinks all people are basically decent really, the Prover will prove that, and if the Thinker decides that holy water from Lourdes will cure its lumbago, the Prover will often prove even that, to the astonishment of medical doctors.

cross-posted from: > >What he did offer was a very RAW examination of some fundamental Crowley concepts. The assigned texts for the course were Crowley’s Book of Lies and also Book of Thoth. Wilson also had recommended texts like The Widow’s Son and various articles, etc.

>Most people do not understand how greatly thought influences mankind. Here I want to make a distinction between thinking and thought. The resultant of many acts of thinking becomes the general program called thought, which can be stored in a library or computer or in one’s own brain and then consulted later. Once a thought has been made into a program in that way, you do not have to think it again: you have it in storage. Now, this is a great labor-saving device—all that we see around us as civilization and technology is the result of the thought of past centuries, which we do not have to repeat—but it is also dangerous. If we do not have to think again, if we can just consult old thoughts, then we may become mechanical.

> "Ong's Hat is one of the earliest Internet-based secret history conspiracy theories. It was created as a piece of collaborative fiction by four core individuals, dating back to the 1980s, although the membership propagating the tale changed over time. Ong's Hat is often cited as the first ARG on many lists of alternate reality games. >The characters were largely based in the ghost town of Ong's Hat, New Jersey, hence the name of the project." from [Wikipedia](

Nice interview with RAW and Shea

check the description as well

KLF, RAW and 23

Great post on fucking with people minds.

Some fun writings

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Sirius is very important.

All revolves about the cats.

...It’s part of a display dedicated to Karl Koch, the Illuminatus! influenced hacker who used “Hagbard Celine” as his pseudonym...

I have read Eric Wagner's book on RAW, bought a book by Wilhelm Reich and enjoyed the interview immensely.

Robert Anton Wilson at the Brain Machine Symposium

Review of C. Lily book

Nice.. the movie is online also

“Toxteth is a state of mind”. KLF, RAW and MuMu

V. Vale’s Intercom
If you are paranoid - we know who you are..

8 Circuit Yoga - Full Talk Playlist
8 Circuit Yoga is a framework we can use to root our personalities in something deeper - doing so can transform our mundane lives, the Status Quo, into something transcendent. The series uses Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson’s Eight Circuit Model as a starting point, then synthesizes their model with key learnings from C.G. Jung, Ram Dass, and others.

Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
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