Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
Great post on fucking with people minds.

Some fun writings

cross-posted from: > Book lists are like gems.

Sirius is very important.

All revolves about the cats.

...It’s part of a display dedicated to Karl Koch, the Illuminatus! influenced hacker who used “Hagbard Celine” as his pseudonym...

I have read Eric Wagner's book on RAW, bought a book by Wilhelm Reich and enjoyed the interview immensely.

Robert Anton Wilson at the Brain Machine Symposium

Review of C. Lily book

Nice.. the movie is online also

“Toxteth is a state of mind”. KLF, RAW and MuMu

V. Vale’s Intercom
If you are paranoid - we know who you are..

8 Circuit Yoga - Full Talk Playlist
8 Circuit Yoga is a framework we can use to root our personalities in something deeper - doing so can transform our mundane lives, the Status Quo, into something transcendent. The series uses Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson’s Eight Circuit Model as a starting point, then synthesizes their model with key learnings from C.G. Jung, Ram Dass, and others.

"The Prop Anon Podcast explores the life and work of American novelist, Robert Anton Wilson through interviews and discussions with some of the most cutting-edge artists and thinkers around today.

Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
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