Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
Now I better understand why I like RAW writings so much – they are understandable either stoned or not stoned ;))

December 16, 2000, Palm Springs, CA. Speaking at the Prophets Conference ~ Palm Springs (number 8) held at the Marquis Resort Conference Center. Recorded by Steven Pratt using a portable minidisc recorder.

Podcast episode about one of my favorites - John C. Lilly. Flotation tanks, orgasm research, communication with dolphins and trying to understand the human mind.

Also found out that he has starred in a movie about number 23

Contribution to Maybe Day 2022 by sit with it.

about Raymond Chandler and Marilyn Monroe. I have to admit - this article has made me to get to know more about Marilyn.

This is a mini-documentary about the mysterious Illuminati card game, covering the game's history, examining the background of the game maker, reviewing the events depicted on the card faces, and finally, posing this question: Are the characters, events, and agendas portrayed through the Illuminati card game merely prophecies or a series of strange coincidences—or are we, the players, being provided the script for reality our invisible opponent seeks to bring to fruition?

Rasa, who runs the RAW Trust and the trust's publishing imprint, Hilaritas Press, on behalf of RAW's daughter, Christina Pearson, worked closely on the new Robert Anton Wilson book, Natural Law Or Don’t Put A Rubber On Your Willy And Other Writings From A Natural Outlaw, with the book's editor, Chad Nelson. Rasa agreed to take a couple of questions from me about the new book.

Nice selection of RAW links

An add for discordianism ;)

Always pleasure to get RAW into my head.

Journey To Nutopia | The Cockpit
RAW related show, need to dig deeper..

Henkin:You are students of the mystical. Are you enlightened? Shea: If we were illuminated we probably wouldn’t write books. The more we get to know, the less we have to say.

I have seen this photo somewhere... #RAW

RAW on taxes.. seems not happy :)

Snipd kindly added Hilaritas Press Podcasts to their platform, which generates transcripts & summaries for the highlights. Very cool app - highly recommended!

The listing of Hilaritas Press publications was determined, mostly, by Amazon's sales rankings.

Robert Anton Wilson breadcrumbs
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