The Long Seventies Podcast episode on The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Some topics touched:

Exploration of Authoritarianism, Skepticism, and Anti-authoritarian Stance: The discussed band in the book represents authoritarianism, while the author advocates for thorough skepticism and an anti-authoritarian stance.

Exploring Convictions, Rationality, and Cult Dynamics: Convictions can limit openness to new ideas and cult dynamics can restrict followers’ intellectual options.

Exploring the Thought Exercise of ‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’ and its Discordian Roots: The book serves as a thought exercise synthesizing eccentric ideas influenced by the Discordian movement.

Exploring E Prime and its Connection to Neuro Linguistic Programming: E Prime as a tool to alter thinking and neuro linguistic programming techniques for behavioral conditioning are discussed.

Exploring the Origins of Social Media Platforms and Conspiracy Theories: Origins of social media platforms, their names, and potential conspiracy theories are explored.

Exploring Mythological References and Time Travel in the Book: The incorporation of mythological references and time-traveling storylines blur fiction and non-fiction in the book.

Exploring Mental Habits, Deep Programming, and Brainwashing: The challenge of eliminating mental habits, deep programming, and brainwashing as a real phenomenon are discussed.

Exploring Conspiracy Theories and Alternative Views: The podcast delves into conspiracy theories like the Bavarian Illuminati theory and the conditioning effects of exposure to such theories.

Decentralized Incentives and Societal Problems: Incentives drive behavior in society, with societal issues often stemming from a decentralized web of incentives rather than intentional conspiracies.

Evolution of News Media and Pressure for Immediate Content: The evolution of news media to the 24-hour news cycle has led to a focus on publishing content quickly, sometimes sacrificing accuracy for speed.