>"You'd walk into the offices and they were closed or they were turning you away saying 'come back next week maybe, but we don't know'," > There appears to be a financial motivation. Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald reported the attackers had demanded a ransom, which the Vanuatu government refused to pay.

Digging to find something creative and interesting

(Hangs on the horse hair)

My fav security newsletter, free version.

TCP Middle box reflection attack
If it can be abused - it will be abused.

Domain enumeration tool showdown
Ready ? fight

Nice video about keeping up with intruders in Google

Fascinating story, (un)deep fake

Who have thought that anybody cares about security?

Funny - security keys left in the example archive

Russian Espionage APT
microsoft is scared of russia

...We thought about the mission that we had previously and how we could build from scratch the environment that we needed to have in order to be able to do the highly secure work that we were doing. We were paranoid, but we were paranoid for good reason because we did know, in our previous lives, that they were out to get us. So we came into AWS with that mentality and built from scratch day one that foundation. There was no other cloud provider that's ever had that kind of capability built from day one by the paranoid group that we have, with the expertise, that have been chasing hackers around the world. Built it from bare bones...

...After Wouters’ conference talk, Starlink published a six-page PDF explaining how it secures its systems. “We find the attack to be technically impressive, and is the first attack of its kind that we are aware of in our system,”



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