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taksistas būtų patenkintas użsakymu 😆 galvoju gal ir nieko būtų trumpinių apie kuriuos nesuprantu paklausyt 🚀🐓🖇️

Aiming to be the best source for your Piracy needs!

it is almost impossible to get new amd gpu here in Lithuania except top two models.

Will download and try to seed even after reinstall :) finally my new 18TB is up for a good use!

I’m trying to understand what do you specifically ask. Tracker has web interface - there you see the list of torrents, and I think there you can sort by seeders. Tracker is just connect you to peers, also as far as I know there can be trackerrless torrents. If you have what is allready on tracker, you just point your torrent program to those files.

Ačiū! Pelevinas gi anas budistas ale :)

Tobulas straipsnis, išslaisvinantis ir gilinantis žinias.

Parkopančiko veikimas psichodelinis nėra nei kiek išsiaiškintas ;)

IPFS seems to be stable on win 11, i run it just to be part of the network I also run i2p