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  • I mostly pirate for others to leech. Always my slsk is getting upwards of 40 users and 30MB/s upload. It is harder and harder to get packs, or music in general from private and not trackers. Redacted does not have everything, I love the idea of big repository of music and share upwards of 50TB on slsk. Lots of Dj’s, new producers and podcast use this stuff :) I pay for youtube premium, but never rip it, I almost always buy music I like trough Bandcamp if it is available.

  • It is a very difficult topic - I use slsk private trackers and now try to revive airdc++ my data set is around 60TB - it is pain in ass to manage -HDD’s fail, you need to salvage the data, also buy a new bigger ones, ssd’s also fail. Internet connection is limited, and the MASSIVE amount of data being produced these dayz… I also run I2P and IPFS nodes, TOR snowflake. And it is massive pain that alphatracker is down… also the rarbg loss. Please keep calm, everything will be fine, I have to mention that I live in a grey country - no need for vpn - that really helps.