Saving for the comparison with the next year

Ranking workers can hurt morale and productivity. Tech companies are doing it anyway
>“Stack ranking is a byproduct of digital transformation,” he says. “But it’s not necessarily useful nor accurate.”

“Let It Rot” — China’s youths have given up.
People are giving up slaving

>This will not be an easy transition. For instance, according to a report by workplace research firm Leesman, office-based working has been most popular with one group alone—senior leaders who had their own offices (or private meeting spaces). As a result, in 2023, veteran corporate managers will likely use the economic downturn to do a final attempt of dragging workers back to the office. It’s implausible to imagine that these more traditional managers might be rubbing their hands at the prospect of a short economic slowdown ahead, but using a softer job market as leverage to bring employees back to the office could prove a popular strategy. It might be too late; top talent has already made its mind up. There could be conflict ahead as it resolves itself.

Some readings from the dark side

Yes! Finally! The things we wanted and waited for! Shut up and take my money.

Instead of tracking time available on the Slack
Do this - by GitLab guys

Especially liked the Europe part

about company culture

More Bosses Are Spying on Quiet Quitters.
The title is misleading - it is not only about quiet quitters

A Massive LinkedIn Study Reveals Who Actually Helps You Get That Job
If you want a new job, don’t just rely on friends or family. According to one of the most influential theories in social science, you’re more likely to nab a new position through your “weak ties,” loose acquaintances with whom you have few mutual connections.

Yes, somebody had to say that

Apple employees have started a petition asking the company to let them work from home if they want to, instead of making them come into the office 3 days a week. The employees say that they have been doing a great job working from home and that they should be able to keep doing it if they want to. So far, 100 people have signed the petition.

Not sure if I understood it as a real reason

“Over the last 20, 25 years, we’ve seen the rise of these perks no one was considering before,” says Lopushinsky. Think bean bag chairs, colourful lounges, arcade games and ping-pong tables as well as common areas with beer and cold brew taps. “We call it ‘the Kindergarten office’, where it looks more like a kindergarten classroom than a workplace. It started with the major tech companies, and that’s the culture people started to copy.”

Tech Salary Report - Cover
Dice - salary report for techies

Probably tech will slow down as it is difficult to find people who can (and want) to work.

Some holacracy warnings

Why Valve? - Yanis Varoufakis
I am late to the party, but liked the idea. Will check later how it works right now.

Lyft is ditching its mandatory hybrid work plans. The ride-hailing giant told employees on Wednesday that almost all of them can work from the office, from home or “any combination of the two.”

I like the way things are going

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