Summarizing: generative AI is getting traction inside and outside of the tech sector. It’s happening very fast. And will overflow the Internet with low-quality content.

I don’t know if everything I’ve described here will happen. What I’m sure of is that I’d love to hear counterpoints to my arguments so I can change my mind.

  • I eat wordsMA
    2 years ago

    IMHO we as humans overvalue ourselves. There is not much not boring and not polluted content by us already. In fact, there is nothing original in the world – everything is remixed. The only difference is that it is generated not by AI, but by NI and all things we perceive as originals now most of the time were considered as a bug or abnormality.

    I’d say – we have already polluted the internet – it is time to move on to shit on another meadow. And it will be again destroyed by SEO.