I’m on a Galaxy S10, and I really want a more privacy-respecting app than the included one. I tried FairEmail, and while it seems nice, it was extremely overwhelming and cluttered for me. Is there anything of similar quality that’s simpler to use interface-wise?

  • @currawong@lemmy.ml
    22 years ago

    FairEmail is overwhelming at first but if you persevere you’ll find a template close to K-9 and much more logical. It took me a while to properly get into FairEmail but now I think I couldn’t go back to K-9.

    I removed a lot of icons I don’t need, made some lines more readable by adjusting the font size, using the solarized theme. The configuration UI can be a bit unintuitive at times but it allows a lot of customisation (it reminds me of the KDE settings UI, which I find uselessly complicated but working). And in the end, FairEmail has far far more options than K-9 for handling your emails, taking care of spam, checking security, etc.