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Is Carrd private? If not, are there good alternatives?
I'm assuming it's not, since it's closed source, but I'm not sure. I want to make a small site with little lists on it. Not a full-fledged website like Neocities; just a few small pages. Is there anything of that sort that's a better alternative? Apologies for the stupid question.

Reminds me of how I tried to use a mood app called DailyBean to track my moods, but it was pretty much “pay us to do literally anything”, so I dropped it. I wonder how secure/private it was…

Unsure of how to disable RST.
Running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0xxx. I'm trying to switch to Mint (specifically Cinnamon), and all is working well; I've got the flash drive and everything, and can boot into it, but I can't install it. It says I need to disable RST first. Simple enough, it seemed. I looked it up and people said it could be done from the UEFI menu, so I checked there, and there was no sign of any options to disable RST. I'm not very tech savvy, so needless to say, my head was spinning when I looked up answers and found out there's a bunch of stuff involving BIOS and SATA and stuff (there's no option to do the AHCI stuff in BIOS that I read about, either) and I'm really stressed. I was so sure this would be a lot easier. (I'd been informed it would be, too.) What's going on? Why can't I disable RST? Why are there so many complicated steps to be able to disable it? Sorry if this is stupid, I was just really excited to finally switch to Mint, and now I'm overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff I don't understand, nor can I find the solutions to that I'm told should be there. TL;DR I'm not tech savvy and I went into this with instructions that it would be easier.

No option to boot Linux
I'm making the switch from Windows 10 to Linux (specifically Mint/Cinnamon) and using [this tutorial](https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-make-the-switch-from-windows-to-linux) to do so. It's going swimmingly, but when I reboot my PC... it's just the normal Windows login screen. I turned off fast startup, as I read it could cause this issue, but no dice. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is there a step I need to take? The USB flash drive is all set up; do I need to do anything in it first before rebooting?

I’ll have to try it asap; I’ve been recommended it on here once before, and just haven’t gotten around to it because of being temporarily bedridden.

I’m just not super tech savvy, so it’s a bit intimidating. I’ll look into it, though; I’m sick of Samsung’s default bloatware trash.

Just did: this is fantastic! Just wish I could remove my phone’s default e-mail app, but that’s unfortunately out of my hands, as is removing the Samsung Internet Browser. 🙃

What e-mail client(s) do you recommend?
I'm on a Galaxy S10, and I really want a more privacy-respecting app than the included one. I tried FairEmail, and while it seems nice, it was extremely overwhelming and cluttered for me. Is there anything of similar quality that's simpler to use interface-wise?

Is Bitwarden a good password manager?
I use it currently, but I've seen a few people say it's bad for privacy or something? Is this true? If so, what alternatives do you suggest?

Thoughts on the official Android app?
I like the interface, but I'm still sticking with Tusky for the time being, since I like the multiple account feature and the option to clear notifications. I look forward to seeing how this develops, though.