The intro of this video alleges that YouTube is working with the Russian government. Runtime is 1hr 47min

    2 years ago

    Oh god oh fuck there’s a US flag with a fucking eagle on it for the first ten seconds of the video this is going to be really really shit. They’ve even pointed a fan at it to make it flap in the wind IN FUCKING DOORS.

    Be back with views on it later after I’ve finished this and rotted my brain.

    EDIT: Alright so this is pretty bad. This fuck wants to tighten copyright law, improve the strength of DMCAs and improve the ability for people to make copyright strikes and claims against content. He wants to INCREASE everything that content creators have complained about on youtube for YEARS, and he is weaponising the current anti-Russia sentiment as a means of pursuing it because RT have used some of public domain clips that he also used and edited. There’s some merit to his unhappiness with RT and their throwing their weight around to prevent youtube unceremoniously applying their stupid 3 strikes policy to them… However the framing here is a weapon being used to prevent pushback about something that would otherwise be widely regarded by most youtubers as a terrible fucking thing for content creators as a whole. The vast majority of youtubers hate the fucking DMCA claims and the restrictions that copyright laws place upon their content creation and creativity.

    It’s weaponised nationalism for the purposes of making copyright shit worse than it already is when in reality copyright being weakened (or preferably gotten rid of entirely) would be a good thing.