People hate reading, so i’ll copy paste the important points from my previous posts here.

if you can help with graphics or advertising to get more people to join thatd be great!


Round robin. Each person is playing 2 games, finals might be 3 games


  • Feel free to gentleman gentlecoin to whatever rules you want. But i’d recommend allow 1 undo each, especially if you’re both inexperienced. If you’re experienced and the person you’re playing against is inexperienced, consider giving them more undos.

  • Best of 1

  • in my experience lichess works best if you register, but not required though clearing your cookies will break the game iirc!!!

  • Both people have to report who won here. Both of you also attempt to report how many moves it took for you to win, might be used for tie breaking.

  • Dont cheat ex by having a grandmaster computer play for you

  • Do at least 1 move a day


  • I’m down to bet an imaginary currency like ! or cat girls or what have you. 1v1 me sib!

Would be cool if you upload your match so we can see what happened!