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Crossover episode! Medieval laws meet technology of the future

Your nickname suggests you’re asking these questions without any possibility of changing your mind

Alternative title: avoiding to “touch grass” is okay actually 😅

6 years passed since the paper, anything good happened in the meantime?

I have no idea how real it is, but props to CGI artist for making this vid

Seeing you as a strong privacy advocate AND a Mac user, I would be really interested in seeing your thoughts on the privacy with Apple products.

I searched your website but couldn’t find any notes on the topic. Have I missed it?

![](https://developsense.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/SuspectedProductRisk-jpg.webp) ![](https://developsense.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/KnownProductRisk-jpg.webp) Source: https://developsense.com/blog/2022/11/risk-in-the-wild

I get that everyone’s imagining the most apocalyptic scenario right now: that Telegram shared all the messages of all members with timestamps, device IDs, phone numbers, geolocation etc

However, the case to be made that Telegram could simply invite the IT auditor in contact with authorities to their office and show her that in fact the company stores very little information; the information which does not change the legal case they’re involved in. Therefore, in this case they might have provided the information about presence or absence of the user data without actually sending said data. That way formally they have complied with the ruling but the user data have never left the office.

The same way you can send the headers of a data pipeline without actually sending any data.

The fact the company complied with the ruling to disclose the absence of information doesn’t necessarily mean they shared the users data.

Of course, this scenario is just my speculation and the company will have to present transparent and verifiable explanation. Yes, the situation looks bad but at the moment of writing, there’s still some wiggle room left.

Conservatives wanna be proud of their own country and tacitly push the idea that other countries are worse in some sense 🤷

It’s unfortunate but it happens. It takes a lot proximity and trust to change one’s perspective on life, so it is probably not going to happen in public online spaces

If you guys know similar channels please share!

Is there any copy or archive?

I wonder how can one start regularly using Briar and Cwtch? With whom you communicate if you’re an early adopter?

This goes very similar to medical industry overall. Medicine is not a hard science and history is full of cases when it was harmful.

There are many doctors (including psychiatrists) who push for improving the field in both academic and humanitarian way. However, saying that X is not a science (implying it’s unscientific in some way) simply erodes trust in the industry, stifles research, diverts funding and encourages patients to seek often much worse options

I kind of don’t understand the argument. Yes, social sciences are often not as robust as math or physics. What’s the conclusion here?

Psychiatry shouldn’t exist? All the research should stop and all patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, self harm, depression should be “left alone” (i.e. untreated)?

Sinclair success is amazing and all but the hype train is overhyped. Most of currently living will get a chance to see their grand-grandkids but immortality? C’mon

Great stuff, I wish they made the series of articles about the repairability of every organ. There is a lot of good stuff happening in stem cell based therapies.

I heard in Turkey they managed to 3D print a retina with stem cells and test it on about 500 people: 50% cases report visual improvement, 10% decrease in visual acuity, 40% no difference.

For the love of God, please somebody stop it, do you want me to go after her out of boredom?