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yes but there are finally some open hardware devices coming around

wtf happened to the quality here. Did I post it like this? I doubt it.

Btw: “Dutch” means from the Netherlands. German or in German “Deutsch” is "from Germany.

Dutch government requires you to use Android or iOS to use digital infrastructure

Dutch digital identity verification system DigiD has announced the phasing out SMS as second factor. That way they require citizens to install a smartphone app in order to use digital services from the government, municipalities, the health sector and others. These applications only work on iOS and…


Gitea is awesome, you could host one without cloudflare. It’s pretty easy, for example with yunohost

You want to know the value of Mastodon over Insta? Posted this on Instagram to the 15k followers I have there, properly tagged. 29 likes, no comments. …


Be safe comrades, don’t be tracked, don’t lose your music when the app store goes down, don’t let them fuck with you with DRM. …