What’s everyone’s opinion on a VPN provider? I’ve used Nord for a long time, but my subscription is up next month and I’m exploring my options. I use a vpn 24/7 on my laptop and most of the time on my phone as does much of the family.


  1. Support for family plan/multiple devices
  2. Apple Ecosystem - macOS/iOS clients (Linux nice to have)
  3. Fast enough to always be running on the device
  4. Easy to switch between servers and countries
  5. Not on a lot of deny lists

I did a couple searches here and was surprised I didn’t come across this question before. I hope it’s not asked too often!

E: Currently leaning towards Proton

  • ccx@sopuli.xyz
    4 months ago

    For anonymous proxy (which is what you seem to mean instead of VPN) I just keep using Tor for almost everything. Sure, some services do block it - more than your usual commercial offering. But TBF that mostly saves me time from tying to deal with them.