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  • Re profiling, I don’t think instances will bother doing that (unless they start running ads). However, they also don’t prevent anyone from building that profile themselves from observable behavior. And creating such database might constitute original work by itself. Now, they don’t get as fine-grained interactions as you would with tracking-infested sites. But they will get the most valuable ones such as active participation.

  • Only when requested via special form I believe.

    I should prepare a guide on how to take your data with you when quitting Reddit.

    For instance when you want to be able to prove that it’s your account without disclosing your legal name publicly on Reddit you may use for cryptographic proof. I think I’ll talk to keyoxide folks about a method of obfuscating those proofs so they are harder for Reddit to systematically delete.

    I understand not everyone will be willing to go to court for this, but at this point I want enough of us to be able to to get them fined enough for every platform to notice.

  • Oh wow, this is great news. I expect there will still be uncomfortably many dubious black boxes left there. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction. For me the sticking point with AMD was always shoddy SW/FW/drivers shipped with superior (compared to their biggest competitor anyway) hardware design. It’s good to see them conceding that and outsourcing to open source community rather than some dubious third party.

    Though for the time being if you want truly open firmware get a POWER chip instead. If you can afford it.

  • I feel like both of these are extremely location dependent. From my friends across North America I know that network connectivity can be very very poor if you aren’t living close to a big city.

    And as far your example with school goes, I’ve seen the polar opposite happen where all kids got a mandatory Teams or Google account (depending on school) fairly early into the lockdowns.

    Maybe subcontinents are still too big to generalize about from one person’s experience. :-)