I, for one, have heard enough from the right for at least one lifetime.

  • BendingUnit@midwest.socialOP
    2 years ago

    no, i mean this here is what they say about you, they talk about left ideas like it’s dangerous communism/dictature with all the negative consequences.

    Yes I know, this is why we must leave them behind.

    They say that they have to be extreme to counterbalance the other extreme.

    I’m not saying this is never said, but I will say that I have never heard this and I pay a decent amount of attention. What they usually say is some variation on a lie or conspiracy theory.

    Nobody ever listen to each other because everyone keeps going more extreme. Rather than trying to find a common ground.

    I listen to both their leaders and their voters. The leaders are whom I’m attempting to tell people to walk away from because they spew unhinged garbage designed to distract the majority of their voters from the fact that it is the very people they vote for making their lives worse. No, I can’t find common ground with people willing to grind up humanity for the profit of a handful of wealthy, powerful monsters. And the entire point of the video is to encourage you to stop trying to find common ground with them because that’s a bad idea that has only lead to suffering and mass death, and will continue to lead to suffering and mass death. We need not allow barbarism a seat at the table.