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Making the same post in more than one community is considered spam. That is why I’m removing this post and leaving the other in /c/space.

Discovered them, surprisingly, through a YouTube recommendation. They have a ton of live content on YouTube. Great indie rock band IMO.

I’m surprised that it took this long for them to implement this.

My wife is, especially, thrilled!

This isn’t news to me. Everyone’s bathroom is covered in poop particles including toothbrushes. Human’s immune system has adapted over decades. Not a problem.

> A nuclear fusion reactor has reportedly created more energy than was put into it, for the first time ever.


The morality police “was abolished by the same authorities who installed it,” Attorney General Mohammad Javad Montazeri said in remarks during a meeting on Saturday where officials were discussing the unrest, according to state media reports. But he went on to suggest that the judiciary would still enforce restrictions on “social behavior.”

On Thursday, the attorney general said that the authorities were reviewing the country’s head scarf regulations and would issue a decision within 15 days.

If the morality police are abolished, it would have a major impact on the state’s ability to police what women wear. But it was not immediately clear whether the authorities were planning to relax the laws mandating that women cover their hair and bodies, which remain in place.

Source: New York Times

First time I’ve heard that sexism and anti-feminism were on the rise there. Sorry to hear.

I didn’t try. I successfully made my point and backed it up with modern psychology and logical explanations.

Is there something that you don’t understand?

There is a fundamental problem at play here. It is the ‘Us Vs. Them’ that springs up from the natural human desire for identity.

We have two general types of identities; one is on an individual level and one on a collective one. As we grow, our sense of identify also grows. We have seen cases in which individuals are willing to let go of their individual identities to make a sacrifice for their collective ones. People who share the same collective identity think of themselves as having a common interest and a common fate. For example, liberty lovers vs. extremist, republicans vs. democrats, Israelis vs. Palestinians, India and Pakistan, government and insurgents, the list can go on and on forever. The more progressed a sense of identity, the less there is a sense of separation.

On the surface, and hopefully people can understand the common sense of this issue, there is a dichotomous way at viewing our world. For example, black vs white, my way or the highway, right vs wrong, good vs evil so on and so forth.

This is a highly flawed way at understanding reality. However, politicians are incredibly keen on exploiting this human flaw in order to gain more money and power.

But this is intentional, by the scientists, in order to get ahead of a potential problem. Permafrost will, continually, thaw because of climate change. Thus, scientists are trying to stave off any severe viral outbreaks.

Link to study:

Did some quick listens for the past ten minutes and I like it so far. Thanks!

Looking for suggestions…please
I've always been drawn, primarily, to alternative music. Some examples go way back to R.E.M., The Smiths and The Cure. A few years ago I discovered [Phoenix]( and have latched onto them. Do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks so much…looking forward to implementing this!

Oh neat! Thank you for pointing this out…I’m gonna run with this.

MTV hasn't released the original (color + high definition) copy of this performance. I was able to get my hands on a leaked 'sloppy' transfer version and 'remaster' it with post production software.

I’ve been around the insurance industry my entire life. My father was an incredibly successful insurance agent making six figures for over 25 years. I’ve been listening to my father talk about climate change with his colleagues for, roughly, 20 years.

In short, there is a tremendous amount of money at stake with various types of property insurance. This is, especially, so with properties located at oceanic coastlines. Globally, the amount of money could approach trillions of dollars.

Thus, the entire property insurance world have had economists working every angle for decades now. Do you know the saying: “The casino always wins”? From what I’ve seen/heard inside the insurance agencies, they are going to make a fortune from the devastation caused by the effects of climate change.

Will I listen to Rupert Murdoch’s poisonous propaganda? Fuck no!

What is ‘the Five’ and what is ‘fix’?

It’s forgiveness and/or relief. My family would have benefited greatly from this. However, and obviously, we did not have this opportunity. It took me 21 years to pay off my student loan debt which was an incredible burden.

Current debt holders should feel incredibly fortunate to have this in their lives.

Link to application:

Thanks for the reply. What am I looking at with this image? Is this something that anyone could have access to?

How do you discover music?
This could be 'new to you' or new music artists. Right now, I've been relying on a local FM radio station.

I’ve seen a few comparisons, from studies that have been done, where traditional table salt had 39% sodium while Himalayan/Celtic sea salts were 31-33% sodium.

If anyone is looking to lower their sodium intake, then they could try Himalayan or Celtic sea salt instead of traditional table salt.

I cut the cable back in 2009. Been streaming ever since with no advertisements.