Running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0xxx. I’m trying to switch to Mint (specifically Cinnamon), and all is working well; I’ve got the flash drive and everything, and can boot into it, but I can’t install it. It says I need to disable RST first. Simple enough, it seemed. I looked it up and people said it could be done from the UEFI menu, so I checked there, and there was no sign of any options to disable RST. I’m not very tech savvy, so needless to say, my head was spinning when I looked up answers and found out there’s a bunch of stuff involving BIOS and SATA and stuff (there’s no option to do the AHCI stuff in BIOS that I read about, either) and I’m really stressed.

I was so sure this would be a lot easier. (I’d been informed it would be, too.) What’s going on? Why can’t I disable RST? Why are there so many complicated steps to be able to disable it? Sorry if this is stupid, I was just really excited to finally switch to Mint, and now I’m overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff I don’t understand, nor can I find the solutions to that I’m told should be there.

TL;DR I’m not tech savvy and I went into this with instructions that it would be easier.