As of writing, it looks like all the Geocities links redirect to Yahoo search. This article seems to have been first published around 2012–a good decade ago. The sense of loss in this piece is made a lot worse by the fact that in most cases, you literally cannot access the pages they’re talking about to see them for yourself anymore without downloading the 1TB Geocities dump and extracting it yourself.

maybe we can host the dump somehow in ipfs or similar storage?

anova (she/they/it)

Apparently the authors are (were?) seeding it on Bittorrent at the time of writing. I haven’t looked into whether or not that’s still the case. I mean, if not, then it’s potentially gone forever. I get the feeling many people haven’t taken it upon themselves to download the whole 1TB dump. If so, then having it on IPFS could do it some good

actually there is a ipfs mirror for that, albeit just a dump of the file: /ipfs/QmVCjhoEFC9vwvaa8bKyJgwAByP4MXSogcyDGoz4Lkc3ox

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