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"Mozilla is now trying to diversify its revenue stream and, in some markets, has different default search engines. For example, it partners with privacy-championing Chinese search engine Baidu"

There’s at least a little reason to be weary. The Linux Foundation gets its money from corporations, including pretty much all of the canonical Big Tech companies.

I was reading this thinking “I wonder whether or not this will actually materialize into anything meaningful,” naievely, and then I read:

Amazon faces $29,008 in proposed penalties, according to the Department of Labor.

This has to be satire

Americans can also buy their way into US universities, though I get the impression they usually just make a large donation to the school and get in on a fake sports scholarship

Apparently the authors are (were?) seeding it on Bittorrent at the time of writing. I haven’t looked into whether or not that’s still the case. I mean, if not, then it’s potentially gone forever. I get the feeling many people haven’t taken it upon themselves to download the whole 1TB dump. If so, then having it on IPFS could do it some good

The other side of that is that people in majority groups often don’t perceive themselves as “having” or “being” [insert identity categories]. If you’re, say, white, and you’re surrounded by white people all the time, there’s a good chance you won’t see yourself as such; you’re just “normal,” as opposed to some other category of people. You rarely have to think about it so you don’t. I can’t count the majority group identities I fall into because I’m not even aware of them until someone makes me aware of them

I used to use OpenShot a number of years ago on both Linux and Windows. It ran fine on Linux, but the performance on Windows was horrifically bad. I also remember finding that the maintainers were very rude whenever someone tried to bring it up, which was what initially pushed me away to kdenlive, which ran pretty well on either. That was a while ago now, though, so things might be different

Social media platforms should run small, and slow, and cool to the touch -
"No reasonable human needs more than 10,000 other humans to read their words within twenty minutes of writing them."

Still There - Ruins and Templates of Geocities
As of writing, it looks like all the Geocities links redirect to Yahoo search. This article seems to have been first published around 2012--a good decade ago. The sense of loss in this piece is made a lot worse by the fact that in most cases, you literally cannot access the pages they're talking about to see them for yourself anymore without downloading the 1TB Geocities dump and extracting it yourself.

I’ve been using whatever my web host feeds me for a few years now, but pretty soon I suspect I’m going to have to start using Proton as well. I only noticed recently that that’s an actual service they provide, and I’m not aware of any other companies that do it well outside the gates of big tech. I haven’t heard of anything particularly evil they’ve done and I really hope that doesn’t change