it ships with these new features: x86_64:

Added a choice of bootloaders as well as the ability to not install a bootloader (systemd-boot is default selected)
Switched to dracut from mkinitcpio
Added an entry for Windows when using grub or systemd-boot and Windows is installed
You can now choose to create a new EFI partition instead of re-using the existing one when using “Replace partition” or “Install alongside“.
Grub submenu feature is now enabled by default (only default entry is visible extra entries are inside a submenu)
Default wallpaper/background is now set by settings packages instead of welcome
KDE/Plasma: Replaced the discover icon with a Konsole icon.
Cinnamon: Replaced adwaita icons with Qogir
GNOME: uses Console and Gnome-text-editor instead of now legacy gedit and gnome-terminal, Wallpaper follows night and day theme same for Console (it is set to dark only by upstream default)
Budgie: is set to Qogir Icons and arc GTK theme and uses Nemo instead of Nautilus (to have even theming possible, Nautilus is not able to get theming from Budgie)
Lots of Calamares cleanup work
Reorganized and cleaned up the netinstall packages
  • lemmyreader@lemmy.mlOP
    1 year ago


    EndeavourOS ARM also comes with new features

    EndeavourOS Arm now supports Pinebook Pro.
    New linux-eos-arm kernel with amdgpu introduced for more generic Arm device support including pinebook pro.
    linux-eos-arm ships with amdgpu module prebuilt for supporting devices like Phytiuim D2000.
    Raspberry Pi Imager/dd compatible images available for download. Improves accessibility of arm i.e. users from any OS can flash eos-arm to their arm SBC
    Improved headless server script.
    Odroid N2+: vulkan-panfrost and vulkan-mesa-layers installed to reduce artifacts on plasma x11 sessions and improve overall graphics performance and stability.

    From now on the Pinebook Pro is officially supported by us.