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Review of mental health and prayer apps

Medito is a free , non intrusive app. It’s made by a non profit and i think it’s opensource (it’s on Github).

If you’re interrested by meditating give it a try. It’s well done.

{Also the submit an app for review is a Google form, wtf mozilla!}

Mr. Upsy

Reminds me of how I tried to use a mood app called DailyBean to track my moods, but it was pretty much “pay us to do literally anything”, so I dropped it. I wonder how secure/private it was…

Track & Graph


It’s a few minutes of work to setup but you can track anything with it.

These apps always seemed so fucking vapid and empty for me

Mental health is a human problem and requires a human solution. Not an app.


Agreed. Every mental health app is just a notebook 📒 more or less. Notebooks don’t help people. Only people help people. Proper techniques, methods and habits — and no matter what you use: simple paper or app. It is good if app is more convenient and works better for someone, but it’s not essential, it’s only a tool.


IMO, passive mental health apps are the 21st century versions of those scammy motivational DVDs. The ones that actually have therapists on the other side you can call or text chat are better, but the gold standard is still you and a medical professional sitting in a room together. There are subtleties that a proper mental health professional.can pick up on that would be lost if you weren’t in person.

That being said, I think the biggest reason these apps are getting popular is because proper mental health support in the West is severely understaffed, under funded, with very long wait times for appointments, and in places like the US, prohibitively expensive.

Speaking as a mental illness sufferer in Canada, who was actually lucky enough to find a psychiatrist to help me.

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