The updated demands:

    So, NVIDIA, the choice is yours! Either:

    –Officially make current and all future drivers for all cards open source, while keeping the Verilog and chipset trade secrets... well, secret

    ORNot make the drivers open source, making us release the entire silicon chip files so that everyone not only knows your driver's secrets, but also your most closely-guarded trade secrets for graphics and computer chipsets too!


Will this be the only way to achieve decent hardware support cross-platform? Can’t wait for someone to take AMD/Intel managers hostage ;-)

BTW not sure why these people are called cyber-criminals. Sounds like cyber-heroes to me… I mean i don’t agree with their motivation (cryptocurrency mining) but they’re doing what government regulations should have done a long time ago, which is preventing hardware manufacturers from fucking up life for everyone. (or at least they’re trying)