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I am not the author, although I find myself agreeing with several things he has said and have linked to his posts numerous times.

My website now respects people’s freedom and privacy!
It used to have links to my GitHub and YouTube profiles. A while ago I made a Codeberg account and added a link to that. Eventually I decided to remove the GitHub link. Finding a good YouTube alternative was hard. Eventually I began to work very hard to find a PeerTube instance. Shortly after I found one and uploaded my videos to it (mostly YouTube Poops), the admin removed them and added a banner saying "For the current occasion because a user has almost only uploaded many garbage videos today, we would like to tell that we will not tolerate such behavior and extinguish such garbage." Then I uploaded them to and they are still there 2 months later. Today I added a link to my PeerTube channel and removed the YouTube link. That wasn't enough. I also wanted to stop letting Google mistreat the people who click on my rickroll link which said "my nudes". But I don't want to redirect to which probably violates the copyright of the rickroll video. For now I removed the link completely. This is a big achievement for me.


The hardest scaling issue by Codeberg (a nonprofit, free software platform/service for code hosting)
cross-posted from c/ > This kind of scaling issue is new to Codeberg (a nonprofit free software project), but not to the world. All projects on earth likely went through this at a certain point or will experience it in the future. > > When people like me talk about scaling... It's about increasing computing power, distributed storage, replicated databases and so on. There are all kinds of technology available to solve scaling issues. So why, damn, is Codeberg still having performance issues from time to time? > > ...we face the "worst" kind of scaling issue in my perception. That is, if you don't see it coming (e.g. because the software gets slower day by day, or because you see how the storage pool fill up). Instead, it appears out of the blue. > > **The hardest scaling issue is: scaling human power.** > > Configuration, Investigation, Maintenance, User Support, Communication – all require some effort, and it's not easy to automate. In many cases, automation would consume even more human resources to set up than we have. > > There are no paid night shifts, not even payment at all. Still, people have become used to the always-available guarantees, and demand the same from us: Occasional slowness in the evening of the CET timezone? Unbearable! > >I do understand the demand. We definitely aim for a better service than we sometimes provide. However, sometimes, the frustration of angry social-media-guys carries me away... > > two primary blockers that prevent scaling human resources. The first one is: trust. Because we can't yet afford hiring employees that work on tasks for a defined amount of time, work naturally has to be distributed over many volunteers with limited time commitment... second problem is a in part technical. Unlike major players, which have nearly unlimited resources available to meet high demand, scaling Codeberg's systems... TLDR: sustainability issues for scaling because Codeberg is a nonprofit with much limited resources, mainly human resources, in face of high demand. Non-paid volunteers do all the work. So needs more people working as volunteers, and needs more money.

FOSS Alternative to PastPerfect
Can anybody reccomend a FOSS replacement for the museum software PastPerfect ? Needs to be available for Windows 10. I was able to find CollectiveAccess and CollectionSpace but neither seem very easy to get setup. “CollectiveAccess” for instance needs to be built from source. This museum has novices at best when it comes to tech.

NixOS 22.11 released 🎉🎉🎉
cross-posted from: > **1652 contributors**, who authored **30371 commits** since the previous release. > > NixOS is already known as the **most up to date distribution** while also being the distribution with the **most packages**. > > This release saw **16678 new packages** and **14680 updated packages** in nixpkgs. We also **removed 2812 packages** in an effort to keep the package set maintainable and secure. In addition to packages the NixOS distribution also features modules and tests that make it what it is. This release brought **91 new modules and removed 20**. In that process we **added 1322 options and removed 487**.

Open Letter to Gitea
cross-posted from: > In reaction to the surprise [announcement]( of the creation of Gitea Ltd and the transfer of domains and trademark to this company, worried members of the Community have written an Open Letter to the elected Owners of the project. > > The request is to return the assets and manage them by a community-led non-profit organization and furthermore improve the community organization, so that the Trust and Health of the project is restored. > > The Open Letter can be signed by sending a PR to the [Codeberg repository](

Privacy and freedom should be the legacy we leave, not the opposite — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software


Arcmage - Introduction
cross-posted from: > # Arcmage - Free card game > > ## Introduction > > Hello everybody! > > We're Franzo, Yusf, Jesusalva, Bikepunk, Nico and many, many others from [](, we’re a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a high quality customizable card game (e.g. like Magic: The Gathering) that is open, innovative, free & gratis. The game is playable both with real cards as well as online in the browser. > > > ### A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY > > Arcmage has a very long history and was born in 2016 as a successor to []( (2010-2013). We had in mind to create a community driven, fun, fantasy strategy game without artificial card scarcity or pay-to-win. Only your imagination, your deck building skills and your game tactics decides the outcome. > > Lately we made great improvements to the online game experience working on the [aminduna browser client](, and we'll continue to further improve the game and would love some feedback! > > As usual, we'll also release an entirely new set of cards next Fall! (SET 5 - Changing Winds). > > > ### A COMMUNITY DRIVEN CCG > > What we offer is pretty unique: a chance to play and/or co-develop a free and open source customizable card game (CCG) with a proven track record of getting things done. > > Join the community and suggest new cards, give input on the rules, or just play for fun and for free. Anybody could play it for free (donations appreciated) :-) You can also buy the cards from the website and play with your friends! Or print them and start playing right away. > > You might want to [read the rules]( and try out [arcmage online]( (no adds, no registration, no tracking) or follow our [mastodon]( page where we publish all the new stuff about the game. > > You can also join our [Matrix](! room and play some matches with us! > > See you there, > the []( team > > > ### LINKS > > - Play online with a friend (or us): > - Getting started rules (pdf): > - Mastodon: > - Matrix:!

[SOLVED] Plz help: Looking for website/organization dedicated to “quality” FLOSS software (some details on the body of the post)
I remember there was a website that had the laudable goal of sharing only software that they considered good. It felt a bit snobbish, but it also seemed interesting. They seemed to have a bunch of packages, so most (if not all) of their software had no GUI. I really don't know more than that. I'm hoping someone will know what I'm talking about just with this...

Friendica 2022.06 released (Affero GPL, Facebook-ish federated social network service )
Can federate via multiple protocols, including the one lemmy itself uses

Unix emulator project maintainer removes FOSS license and writes his own in response to criticism for modifying user data : r/programming
cross-posted from: > * [Issue #1059]( > > * [Another message to issue #1059 by Paul Hardy.]( > > [Reddit thread.]( > > --- > > The project maintainer is egotistical. I guess that's *another* behavior to not do as a software developer.

Cursed Delta, a TUI-based DeltaChat client, released its version 0.6.0 several minutes ago. ![]( PD: an important change seems that this version allows to encrypt the DB.

The WTFPL is a very permissive license for software and other scientific or artistic works that offers a great degree of freedom. In fact, it is probably the best license out there. This site provides information on how to make the most of the WTFPL. You also will find a huge collection of images, vectors and sounds with WTFPL license here

What do you think about Odysee aka LBRY?
[Apparently it's free software]( and they can't censor stuff on the blockchain, only on the web app. I also know PeerTube, which is a great program.

The "A" in SEPIA stands for assistant. Think of it as a digital companion that helps you whenever you need it, not unlike Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana or Google Assistant, but a very special, private, customizable and open version that really belongs to you! In fact SEPIA is not only a ready-to-use, cross-platform app for iOS, Android and desktop browsers but also a complete open-source framework for DIY AI assistants. You want to build your own smart-speaker or home-assistant or you simply want to use a virtual assistant that respects your privacy? Then you found the right place to start :-)

ESP Wiki is looking for moderators
cross-posted from: > If you are familiar with software patents and would like to moderate an excellent database of campaign material against software patents, please respond below. This post will be pinned until ESP Wiki is sufficiently moderated. > > ESP Wiki was created in 2008 as the main resource for activists, programmers, lawyers, and policy makers with the goal of abolishing software patents. In the past, it has worked as a community forum for FSF's amicus briefs to courts and has been cited by legal journals and articles. Lately it has gotten some serious updates: a new logo, a modernized theme, better categorization, brand-new custom wiki templates, etc. > > It is not required to have a legal background, but you should be at least comfortable with reading legal information. You should also have a general understanding of basic legal procedure around patent law. But even if you don't know much, this is a great opportunity to learn some interesting details about this topic. > > Do not hesitate to contact me at any point; this post will be up for a while. > > You can read more about the End Software Patents campaign in the [community's description]( > > Links: > * [End Software Patents]( (main page) > * [ESP Wiki](

The updated demands: ``` So, NVIDIA, the choice is yours! Either: –Officially make current and all future drivers for all cards open source, while keeping the Verilog and chipset trade secrets... well, secret OR –Not make the drivers open source, making us release the entire silicon chip files so that everyone not only knows your driver's secrets, but also your most closely-guarded trade secrets for graphics and computer chipsets too! YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY, YOU DECIDE! ``` Will this be the only way to achieve decent hardware support cross-platform? Can't wait for someone to take AMD/Intel managers hostage ;-) BTW not sure why these people are called cyber-criminals. Sounds like cyber-heroes to me... I mean i don't agree with their motivation (cryptocurrency mining) but they're doing what government regulations should have done a long time ago, which is preventing hardware manufacturers from fucking up life for everyone. (or at least they're trying)

[reddit comments](

Gigablast fetching results from inside pdfs. You may think "ah, but surely Google does this", but you're wrong. I searched for infinite dimensional spaces and Gigablast prioritized the content of the pdfs and not the title. It came up with results that made a lot more sense than what Google does. And it fetches a lot, I looked at more than 100 results for this search only (searx fetches much less) and they kept making sense up until the 100th result. To do this, include ext:pdf or filetype:pdf depending on your search engine.

What’s cooking on SourceHut? January 2022
cross-post from: > New update on sourcehut! > > Summary: > > - new staff (paid by NLNet fund grant) > - hut: a sourcehut CLI tool > -'s GraphQL API should land sometime this week > - GraphQL-native webhooks for should land before the next monthly update > - fixed bugs related to importing mbox files in > - fixed OAuth 2.0 bugs in > > See also: [[NLNet NGI Zero funding]]( and [[How does SourceHut's FOSS business model work?]](

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is P2P, completely free and comes without advertising — forever. Instant messaging Chat instantly across the globe with Tox's secure messages. Voice Keep in touch with friends and family using Tox's completely free and encrypted voice calls. Video Catch up face to face, over Tox's secure video calls. Screen sharing Share your desktop with your friends with Tox's screen sharing. File sharing Trade files, with no artificial limits or caps. Groups Chat, call, and share video and files with the whole gang in Tox's group chats.

Old, but very interesting, a very original and unique way to explore your OS Eagle Mode is a zoomable user interface (ZUI) with file manager, file viewers, games, and more. This project is about a futuristic style of human-computer interaction, where the user can visit almost everything simply by zooming in. It features a portable C++ toolkit API for developing such ZUIs, and it features the Eagle Mode application, which provides a virtual cosmos with plugin applications. [Video intro](

Windowsfx Operating System
Looks like Windows 10 or11, you use it like Windows, but it's Linux (Basic version (Home) free (GNU), profesional version $20 one time (closed soure due some non free apps)) *.exe and *.msi support ![](

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    “Libre software” means software that respects users’ freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

    In particular, four freedoms define Free Software:

    The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
    Placing restrictions on the use of Free Software, such as time ("30 days trial period", "license expires January 1st, 2004") purpose ("permission granted for research and non-commercial use", "may not be used for benchmarking") or geographic area ("must not be used in country X") makes a program non-free.
    The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs.
    Placing legal or practical restrictions on the comprehension or modification of a program, such as mandatory purchase of special licenses, signing of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) or - for programming languages that have multiple forms or representation - making the preferred human way of comprehending and editing a program ("source code") inaccessible also makes it proprietary (non-free). Without the freedom to modify a program, people will remain at the mercy of a single vendor.
    The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
    Software can be copied/distributed at virtually no cost. If you are not allowed to give a program to a person in need, that makes a program non-free. This can be done for a charge, if you so choose.
    The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits.
    Not everyone is an equally good programmer in all fields. Some people don't know how to program at all. This freedom allows those who do not have the time or skills to solve a problem to indirectly access the freedom to modify. This can be done for a charge.
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